What kind of flooring would look best with ash walls?

My living room has nice ash wall covering in a medium tan that must stay. I'm looking for flooring that would look best. I'm torn between a light maple wood or a light porcelain tile. We are country folks and track in a lot of dirt. Help me decide.Pros and cons,please.

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  • Maggie
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    10 years ago
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    Since the ash is in a medium tan you should go with a dark stained wood for your floors or light porcelain tile. Light maple will not provide enough contrast with the ash walls & will compete in tone. Wood floors are great, but they do require a little more upkeep than tile. Tile never loses it's shine & a quick wipe off with a damp mop after sweeping/vacuuming will make them look like new.


    Source(s): I have tile & after 12 yrs, it's still as shiny & beautiful as ever.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The thing about porcelain tile is that its sturdiness might be unnecessary, but it sounds like you country folks might need sturdiness. There is also a lot of different designs you can do with porcelain tile to make it unique. If you are mounting it to substrate you will need a modified setting material. Maple on the other hand is also very hard because it comes from a tree that has leaves and not needles. It is also very budget friendly although i guess the floorboards could move. from a aesthetic perspective i would definitely go with the hardwood

  • Lauren
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    10 years ago

    Hi oldknowitall ~

    Pro: My vote is as you suggested, the Maple Floor. Love the country look of wood flooring. To me it is timeless and always welcome. Con: Any floor you choose is going to need dust, mop or vacuuming. Scatter rugs can help to slow down the tracking in of dirt etc. think of adding some nice Braided Rugs! Pro: And, Maple is a good quality durable flooring!

    Just like the good old days of farmhouses and wood floors.

    So if you do choose the wood flooring your new motto is ' stamp your feet outside before you come in 'Happy Decorating!.

    Con: Floor Tile: can crack with home settling in both new and older homes.

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