What does the term "goy" mean ?

Hebrew translation is----?



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    "Goy" is actually Yiddish for a person who is not Jewish. "Goyim" is the plural of "Goy". It's not always complimentary.

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    Goy Meaning

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    What does the term "goy" mean ?

    Hebrew translation is----?

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    What Is A Goy

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    It is Hebrew for nation.

    In Hebrew and Yidish common idiom, it refers to anyone of a nation other than Jewish - the best English translation of the usage would be "a person of the nations"

    Goyim is plural. Depending on context, it can mean multiple nations (and in this context can include the nation of Israel) or it can mean multiple non-Jewish people.

    The term is not derogatory - it is simply the Hebrew and Yidish word -- some people interpret it that way.

    "Gentile" is an English word so is not a relevant replacement.

    Source(s): I am a traditional Jew
  • It means nation or people

    Usually of non-Hebrew people

    Found 558 times in the KJV - Gentiles, 30; heathen, 143; nation, 374; people, 11

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    It's a Biblical Hebrew term for "nation" then later it took the derogatory meaning of "Non-Jew".

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    It means Gentiles, it has a root from the Hebrew word for nation.

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    Goy - Gentile

    A person who isn't Jewish

  • It is a Yiddish term for a non-Jewish person.

    "Goyim" is plural. As in "You can ignore the goyim hanging out in front of the market. They're meshuggah."

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