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why would a girl want to slow things down?

i started dating this girl not to long ago. and everything has been good. i like her and she really likes me. i am moving for college in 4 moths and she is going to stay in Cali, last night i was talking to her and she said " we are going to start hanging out less and slow things down." i asked why? and she said " because i have to slow things down." i know its because i am going to move so in return i said " sammy why don't we just enjoy the time we have. lets make every moment worth it." and she said" i have to slow. just work with me"

what do i do?

i like spending almost everyday with her. its making me kinda depressed thinking about it =/ i guess what im trying to say is what do i tell her?


how do i mmake her feel different? how do i get her mind off of it?

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    I think that she is falling in love with you, and thats why she is trying to slow things down to not get too much in love, as you are leaving...

    Try asking her to come with u, or talk with her about how are u going to maintain contact, girls like to know that u care about them, even if ur leaving, make plans with her how will u go on, but if ur leaving and u think ur relationship will suffer, or end, then talk to her urgently, and be honest and end it, its better before then after...

    just be honest with urself and with her

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    Maybe she's just scared of hurting really bad when you go off to college so she just wants to slow things down maybe just as a way to ease the pain that's coming. Either that or she's scared you want to start doing 'stuff' she feels she isn't ready to do yet. Just ask her whats up. Don't push it out of her, just ask her nicely you know, in an environment where she's sure to say what's on her mind.

  • Honestly, you won't be able to get her mind off of it. I can relate to her because my boyfriend will be moving in about 4 months :( Ever since I started dating him which it has been 8 months now I have always thought about the day when he leaves. I keep thinking what I am going to do with out him, how I will forget him, if it will work or not. It's just something that can't be controlled. He told me to stop thinking about it and enjoy every moment together, but I still CAN'T! :( It's beyond my control you should just move on. You are really going to break her heart (which I can see she is scared of) Just try to remain friends with her. I wish you the best of luck!

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    You will not like my answer!

    Slow things down! Sorry to tell you my friend, but that means Good Bye, Audios, It's over, Finish, Kaput !

    As you go into college you will meet lots of women you will want to spend time with and them with you!

    Move on and believe me life will become much better as you take a wonderful journey through college.

    Have a fantastic day

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    I think she said that because she knows that you're leaving soon, so she doesn't want to be emotionally attached... She probably doesn't want it to hurt as much, because it sounds like you guys are pretty close and if you guys slow things down, it wont hurt as much when you leave.

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    i agree with everyone else, she really care about you and doesn't want to feel too heartbroken when you leave. Just let her know how you feel and what you think about it again. let her know that you want to spend as much time with her before you go because you really care about her and its just as hard for you as it is for her. If it doesn't work again,try it her way for a bit.Its the best you can do.

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    Well, she doesn't want to keep pursuing a dead end. That, and she's trying to manipulate the situation.

    Do you rip the band-aid off or do you peel slowly? Do you drop her like a rock or do you take the emotional abuse and dishonesty for the next four months?

    Do both of you a favor and cleanly break ASAP.

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    That's really sweet. :)

    She might mean she doesn't want to get to attached or fall too hard when you leave.

    And just tell her you love her and you'll be back.

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    she doesn't want to get too attached to you since your leaving in 4 months and she doesn't want to get her heart broken! :( she really likes you i think

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