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Dreaming of people with white eyes?

I woke up in the morning, didnt feel like getting out of bed so I layed there and fell back asleep this dream lasted about an hour. I was in a room and there was a group of people sitting in front of me and they were talking to me just normal and one person out of the group looked at me and he had the whitest eyes almost glowing. I turned away from him and he was speaking to me in sumerian and he reached out his hand and a illuminating light came out of him and my eyes changed into the color I seen in his and I felt as if I was of the most powerful force, and I seen a small dog underneath of me and it was dead, and I picked it up and held it inside of my hands and I casted what was inside of me into the dog and it came back to life and it acted good for a moment and then I seen it attack everything in sight. I ran out of the room and went outside and found a flight of stairs, it was like a war bunker but the walls were made out of gray stone and old fashion scene and vines growing up the walls. I passed by soldiers inside of this place, and I made it to the otherside and I stumbled upon another room and people caught a glimpse of me and they looked like good people dressed inside of white cloth, and they had their bodies turned away from me, and all of a sudden their bodies didnt move an inch but their heads turned around like an owl and just faced me and their eyes were the same color all of a sudden pure white, and I paniced and searched through trash and debris on the floor and I found a black book with a cross on the front of it, it was a bible, and I held it in front of me and I said to them this is what I believe in and always will, you will never have power over me. And I woke up and I felt the most greatest feeling of all, nothing I ever felt, and I stood inside my kitchen and looked out the window and the water residue was in the shape of a cross in front of my eyes, and I started at people getting inside of their cars and I they turned their heads away from me, and I didnt hear from any of my friends all that day and I just heard hate from everyone I seen. And I had the most weirdest theory I figured that since lucifer was the keeper of light he is sent inside an abyss of darkness created by god, so my theory is that is light and the things we think we know about good is just a diversion away from the truth in which darkness and suffering are gods way of giving his people a way to believe there is eternal peace somewhere, and the fire, in which saint michael the archangel is the keeper is his way of punishing the evil he will lead gods army against in the end times. I am a spiritual person I dont claim religion, I keep ideas in my head that I express but I dont beat them inside other peoples minds. So when I say I believe that saint michael the arch angel is actually jesus christ people would say how can that be when jesus never sined, but when he died he took all sin unto him and ascended into hell to pull out his people that could have been saved before him, and when it describes where michael confronted lucifer in the bible and basicly said to lucifer that he couldnt be the one to persicute him.

In this day and age you cant turn on the news without seeing people missing everyday, september 11th, the water turning to blood (basicly the oil spill), the night being longer then day (2010 daylight savings time) the time of the seven trumpets as it depicts exactly in the bible, I think that a person doesnt have to be a christian or part of any religion, but just have faith in something but nobody can exactly deny that these things arent happening.

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    White is the color of innocence, purity and Spirit. Eyes are for seeing some issue in a dream. perhaps you are surrounded by more innocent people or more spiritual people.

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    it in all hazard doesnt mean something. targets are interpretations by way of our techniques of previous activities. each and every so often targets are basically random and make no sense. i had a dream final evening that i became working with alec 1st earl baldwin of bewdley on a action picture. yet thats in all hazard because of the fact the day in the previous in the present day i watched a action picture with alec 1st earl baldwin of bewdley in it. thats form of ways targets artwork.

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