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Is a Honda Rebel a good starter motorcycle for a short girl?

Is a Honda Rebel a good starter bike for a short girl?

I am 5'1", and approx. 135 lbs. I lift weights and am pretty strong, but I was a little worried about my height when it comes to buying a motorcycle especially when it comes to stopping. Are there any other bikes I should look at considering my height?


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    2) some but the Rebel is the best for you. The 250 Yamaha Varago, the Buell Blast, Kawasaki Ninja 250. would be runner ups.

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    A Honda rebel or any 250cc cruiser for that matter would be a good choice for you; low seat Hightower and low weight means ease of use. If you can have your feet flat on the ground while sitting then the bike is ok

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    I own a Honda Rebel. I am 5'8" and it is a little small for me. With a 26" seat height it should fit you just fine. I use my Rebel for riding around town. It has 16 hp which is enough to outpace traffic around town. But, seriously lacking power for the Highway. So, I can't recomend it for highway use. Around town I have been getting 90 MPG. When I have used it on the Highway it gets 50MPG. Once you have experience you can look at replacing it with a Honda Shadow. They also have low seat heights but are good for the Highway.

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    a Honda rebel is a perfect starter bike i have the same short problem lol and i started with a 305 now im on a 1400 and im close to 300lb the 305 did very well

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    Yes the rebel is or would be a good bike for you.

    It is a 250cc and you don't have too much power but enough to still have fun and it is a small lower bike that will work out well for you.

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    yes but check out the yamaha v star 250. the pegs are more forward and it is way more comfortable to ride. 5 foot tall female here who has ridden both and choose the yamaha

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    It's ok. But you would be happier on a Ninja 250cc. They are easy to ride and fly.

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