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i have had 2 gold fish in a 10 gallon tank. I can not get the ammonia levels down and now the tank is cloudy!?

i had 3 gold fish in a 10 gallon tank.1 died after 3 days. I can not get the ammonia levels down. I have had the tank for 3 weeks. everything was new and very clean when we started. i have used 2 different brands of ammonia rid stuff and bought my own testers. I have done 10% water changes and 50% water changes as directed from the pet store but these levels will not go down! and now the tank is cloudy! HELP!

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  • Stuey
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    Keep up with the water changes, and get some Seachem Prime. The Prime will detoxify the ammonia, but it will not remove it. Your tank is cycling, this maybe the reason for cloudy water. A 10 gallon is also too small for 2 goldfish. If they are fancy goldfish, for the 2, you will need a 20 gallon tank. A 30 gallon would be better.

    Add the Prime daily until the cycle completes. And also do 75% water changes at least once a day, twice a day would not hurt at all. It is going to take a lot of work on your part to keep the fish alive while the tanks completes the cycle.

  • Ganal
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    Goldfish are extremely messy and require larger tanks then a 10 gallons especially for 3. Chances are you added fish too fast and because the tank was not cycled the ammonia has spiked. The ammonia removers do not do much good. They only mask the problem and turn the ammonia into a less harmful form.

    Do you have a filter? Have you tried adding a bacteria to upstart the cycle? You'll likely need to remove 50% of the water every day for a week or two beforr the bacteria starts to grow.

    Source(s): I have a 2000 gallon pond with 16 goldfish Research
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    Goldfish produce a lot more waist then other fish do which will make the ammonia high. Also 2 goldfish should be in at least a 30 gallon tank. Good luck

    Source(s): Own fish
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    if you got some cash and really want to save them, buy a 50 gal. Tank make sure you get a filter or filters that are double the rating. Ang put sand instead of gravel as your substrate.

    Source(s): experience. Current setup of 55gal tank two filters, sand, 3 Oranda goldfish, ammonia very low with daily 10-15% water changes.
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    You need to look up about the nitrogen cycle!!!! also goldfish can't live in a 10 gallon. For fancy goldfish you need 20 gallons for 1 and another 10 gallons for each additional one and for commons/comets you need 70 gallons for 1 and another 30 gallon for each additional one.

  • 9 years ago

    What type of filter do you have?

    try putting ammo chips in the filter along

    with the carbon. This worked for me, I have

    a 35 gallon tank with ciclids in it. Ammonia is

    a by product of waste, so try not to feed them too much.

    A few flakes a day(or every other day) is really

    all they need. Good luck.

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