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how do people bet in pool (Billiards)?

how do people bet in pool (Billiards) prefferebly 9 ball, but just wanted to know how it is done,

is it per ball?

so like $5 a ball or like $5 a game?

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    There's also an 'ahead' race, specifying the number of games you have to win by. So for an 8 ahead race, the first person to win 8 more games than the other player wins. These tend to be longer marathon matches that test the endurance and stamina of a player as well, especially if they're evenly matched.

    Separately, there's 'post and play' and 'air barreling'. Post and play is when each person puts up money before the match and it's held or remains visible throughout. Air barreling is one someone bets money they don't have and tries to weasel their way out of paying up at the end. Or they'll leave in the middle of a match they don't think they can win. If someone takes their cue to a bathroom break, that's probably a sign of an air barrel.

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    Most good players make a bet and play a set of games (in 9 ball), not one. So like $50 for a race to 5 or 7 or whatever.

    Others will play per game, but will promise to play a certain number of games. So say $10 a game, but they will decide to play 10 games from the outset.

    You can also add a money ball, for example, you get $5 for pocketing the 5 and $10 for the 9.

    I don't know anyone who bets at 9 ball on a per-ball basis. The old timers would do that when betting on straight pool though. $1 a ball, play to 150. Something like that.

    Bar table players who bet on 8 Ball tend to just play on a per game basis since they're usually playing on coin-op tables where anyone can jump in.

    Those are just some examples, and I didn't even get into handicapping. You can bet any way you want if both parties agree.

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    There is no rule of thumb when wagering in pool. Contrary to what a lot of people think, wagering on billiards is not illegal in America. The reason for this is because you are wagering on skill, not on a game of chance. Most 9-ball players like to wager on sets. They set a target, like first one to win 5 games gets the money. In pool lingo, you would challenge someone in a race to 5 for, say, $20. There are other scenarios where better players entice poorer players to wager. This is called giving up weight, or handicapping an opponent. For example in 9-ball, a better player might give the opposing player an extra money ball, like the 8-ball. If the opposing player legally pockets the 8-ball or the 9-ball they win the game. Another handicap is giving a two game headstart. Another is giving 2-1 on the money. Another wagering game in 9-ball is a "ring game". There are usually 3 players involved in a "ring game". Wagering is usually done on the 5-ball and the 9-ball. For example, three players decide on $5 on the 5-ball and $10 on the 9-ball. When one of the players legally pockets the 5-ball, the other two pay the player $5 each. Same with the 9-ball. A ring game is the easiest way to "hustle" someone, because two of the players are usually working together undetected. Other than a ring game there are usually no "per ball" wagers. Wagering in 8-ball is usually done on a "per game" basis,but not exclusively. A fun game to wager on is "three-ball". For example, you get 7 players together. Each one tosses a dollar into a pot. Players take turns pocketing a rack of three balls. Whoever pockets the three ball in the fewest shots wins the pot. If two shooters tie everyone throws in another dollar and everyone shoots again. It's called "one tie, all tie". The more players, the better chance someone will win a larger pot. Sometimes it comes down to the first shooter getting a 3, the next five players getting 4's and 5's, and the last player tying with another 3, or winning with a 2. The main rule of thumb is: If you think you are being "hustled" you probably are. If you don't think you are being "hustled" you probably still are.

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    $5 would be per rack "game" some play $5 on the 5 and $10 on the 9

    More money is bet on a set like a race to 5-7 or 9 games-yes they can get silly with sets to 200

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    Hey, that's one of Johnny's hustles! Here's my story; I've told it before, but it's my favorite :) So I was playing by myself one time, and this guy I'd talked to a couple of times (very good pool player), comes up and asks me if I want to play. I say okay, and he asks what I want to play for. I tell him I don't play for money, and he says, "We'll play for who gets to pick the movie we rent when I cook you dinner." So anyway, that was that...we were married six months later (it'll be nine years in December)... Oh, I've got one more...I was warming up with a teammate a couple sessions ago, and he had a shot at a 9-ball combination, and he said, "Nah, I won't do that to you. We're just knocking them around." I told him to go ahead, and he said, "If we were playing for money it'd be different; you wouldn't stand a chance." I unfortunately can't remember my response, but he asked if I wanted to play a race to 5 for $100. I'd never played for anything before, and didn't want to lose anything, and so I said, "You'll have to talk to my backer," gesturing to my husband, and expecting him to decline. But he didn't. I was as nervous as I could be, and just about the whole pool room was watching, but I won 5-3.

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