Determining time when given only distance and acceleration?

I need to solve a story problem. The only information that I have is that an object is traveling at an acceleration of 0.1 meters per second per second per minute and needs to travel 1600 km. How long will it take to travel this distance assuming that the object started at rest?

Please provide the equation and solution if possible. Thank you!


So, using the equation you gave me (d=(1/2)(.1)(t^2)), I get a result of 5656.85. Does that seem correct? And this is the time in seconds, right?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Equation is d=(initial velocity x time) + 1/2(acceleration)(time)^2.

    So initial velocity is 0. Equation is simply d=(1/2)(.1)(t^2).

    Convert 1600km to meters, multiply by 2, divide by .1, and take the square root of that number. Boom.

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