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How much does it cost to publish a book?

I want to write a book so I can get some money together for college. I'm writing all sorts of books: horrors, thrillers, romance ... but I don't know how much it costs to publish books. Can anyone give me any prices please? And Book publishing agencies? Thanks.

I live in Cardiff (WALES)

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    Ignore the Lulu suggestion.

    Publishing costs nothing, zilch, nada. If it costs, that means self-publishing aka, vanity publishing. Don't self-publish. It's worthless, means you have little self-confidence, and your work is obviously so bad, no real publisher would take it. As for getting money together for college, I'm afraid to break it to you, but breaking into the writing industry is not that easy. About 2% of people that tried to get published, actually get published. As for those, less than .5% of them make it big. Most authors actually have to work second jobs in order to pay off bills, food etc. That, and the fact you also need an agent because publishing houses nowadays rarely accept unsolicited manuscripts. Agents take on 1 or 2 new authors a year, max.

    1. Actually finish your novel, and put it in a draw for 2 months

    2. Take it out and look over it. Edit it, edit it and again and again until it's perfect

    3. Get writer's market/artists and writers yearbook

    4. Look through and find agents that represent your genre

    5. Set your manuscript out like they would like; usually double spaced with 1.5inch margins either side

    6. Write a query; edit it and edit it and edit it until it's perfect

    7. Send them off and wait

    8. Whilst you wait, work on your next novel

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    If you can persuade a publisher to take your work then it doesn't cost you anything. They pay you royalties, but be warned they are quite low perhaps under 20p per copy sold. It may help to find a literary agent, who at least would give you some feed back on your work. You can submit to publishers directly. Either way be prepared for a lot of rejections.

    Any publisher who wants money from you to publish a book is a vanity publisher. These people publish books no one would touch normally, but the author wants published anyway. Nowadays the next option is much better...

    Print on demand is where you publish the book yourself and people can order a copy which is printed and sent to them. If you have an ISBN then it can be sold in book stores. Have look at sites like Lulu and Lightning Source. You would sell the book to book stores for roughly half the cover price. The book costs a certain amount to print. You add on a bit more (this is your profit). Double it. If you are not selling it at cost then the print on demand people take a percentage of the total cost, so add that on. That gives you your sale price.

    Alternatively avoid paper altogether and just sell electronic versions as e.g. PDFs.

    Being an author is not a high income profession unless you are one of the very few to become a bestseller. You probably should get yourself another job to support yourself in the meantime.

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    I have some bad news for you. Statistically, you are unlikely to make very much money as a novelist, whether you self-publish or obtain a contract with a mainstream publisher.

    Mainstream or traditional publishing is where the publisher pays you for the rights to publish your books. You may be paid an advance, and you earn royalties for each copy sold. Winning a publishing contract is an extremely competitive and difficult process, and most authors who are published this way don't earn enough to be able to quit their day jobs. There is heaps of info in the archives here on publishing, if you care to peruse it.

    Self-publishing, or vanity publishing, is where you pay a vanity publisher to print up copies of your book. You are then responsible for all the promotion, marketing, distribution and sales. It's even more difficult to sell books as a self-publisher than a mainstream-published author, because you won't have the marketing clout, the experience, or the bookshop contacts to get your book noticed and sold. It's likely you will lose money if you go down the self-publishing road. If you are set on self-publishing, though, you can try online sites like I believe prices for having copies of your book printed start at several hundred dollars on sites like these.

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    To publish a book through a mainstream publishing house will cost you nothing. They pay YOU. The trouble with that is, they have to want your manuscript enough to pay you for it. On the other hand, if you want to self-publish your work, you can do it through places like LuLu and Wordclay, and that will cost you in the realm of $2,000+. It's not cheap -- and you're highly unlikely to make any real money out of it.

    If you really want to make money fast, you're in the wrong business. Having your work published is a long and arduous process; most people never make it. Have a go at it, by all means -- but you're unlikely to see the financial rewards any time soon.

    Publishing companies:

    Random House

    Simon & Schuster

    Harper Collins


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    I'm sorry, but statistically you have a bigger chance of winning the lottery than making money off a book.

    90% of people think that they have what it takes to write a book.

    3% of those people actually write a book

    Out of that 3% only 1 out of 10,000 are considered for publishing

    and 10 out of that 10,000 are published.

    If you want to self publish your book it has to be edited $5000

    You have to pay for it to be made $15,000 for 10,000 paperback editions.

    Than you have to get it sold.

    You have to pay to have books into bookstores.

    You have to pay for publicity

    You have to pay for air fairs for the books and books are heavy so it cost a lot of money.

    Not only do you have to pay for all these things, but it takes a lot of time.

    Writing a book worth publishing takes years of practice and devotion.

    Are you a writer, or just thinking you can make a quick dollar? I'm telling you writing is one of the hardest professions and even Twilight got turned down a couple of times before it was published, and it took years before it became a phenomenon.

    I now how you feel. I'll finish high school next year and i'm saving up for university (i'm from australia we don't call it collage and i'm going to be getting by masters in English Literature, Editing, Publishing and Creative Writing) but if you are writing because you love it , than keep writing and maybe you will get lucky and i'll be reading your book from the bestsellers list.

    I sincerely hope that things work out for you, and a good publishing house in London is bloomsbury. Good Luck p.s sorry about the essay.

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    It doesn't cost anything. At least, not if you've got yourself a proper publishing deal. If you have to pay to get it published, then the chances of actually making any money off it are very small.

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    Check out

    It provides online publishing with author tools. It even links to amazon, when you book takes off.

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