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flaps that stick out of vagina-normal?

Ok so i have had this problem probs for like 4 yrs now but only asking now....... i am 16 yr old girl virgin and i have flap that stick out of my vagina (i am pretty sure they r called labia minor) but they are way obvious with underwear or swimmers on as they stick out instead of being "flat" they are also obvious when not wearing underwear. they aren't painful they just gross me out and i serious think they aren't normal. my cousin has seen me naked and was like what the hell thats not normal....... :l please i can't talk to my mum or dad or go to the doctors can u tell me if this is normal..... i am scared it's going to affect me having sex when I'm older because i don't want anyone to see it

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    You are normal. Labia's come all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Do not compare yourself to women in porn, they are not normal and have had surgery.

    It wont affect your sex life in the future. And if it does, it will be for the better. I've heard that sex with a women with larger labia lips causes more suction and friction while having sex. No man will complain about that. :)

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    Hi. You're totally normal! :-) Those are your labia minora. They grow longer at puberty, which is why you've only had them sticking out for 4 years. Some women's stay pretty short, so they don't hang down, while others can get really long. Like check out this picture:

    That's an extreme case. For some reason, in American porn, they prefer the shorter ones, so they'll photoshop it so that no one has labia minora that stick out. But there's nothing wrong with it, and in fact while there is surgery to shorten the labia, such surgery is a bad idea as it can cause constant pain or make sex painful, or ruin sexual pleasure. Lots of guys actually prefer the longer labia and find them sexy. I don't think there are any guys who don't like them. If in future you ever meet such a guy, well, he's an @sshole and you're well rid of him. You might have to alter the type of bathing suit that you wear as a result of this. Your cousin is, I'm guessing, around your age. Therefore she is working with the same level of inexperience about what genitals look like, and that's why she thought that wasn't normal. Hers are probably different. But you're perfectly normal--you just have an appearance that SHE is unfamiliar with. Anyone with any experience or knowledge knows that your appearance is common.

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    Well, it's either your inner labia, which would be normal, or your hymen, if it is a flap on each side inside your labia, then it might be. Usually you do not break your hymen unless you have sex, but it can happen if you do a lot of exercise such as cycling. I don't think you should be worrying about anything anyway. But if you're really concerend about it, you could see a Gyno or a doctor, we are always happy to help girls like you.

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    I think if you are uncomfortable with it, you need to talk to your mum about it. Or call a doctor and see if they will see you. I'm not sure if you have to be 18. Don't let it affect the way you fill about your body.

    You will need to see the female doc prior to getting sexually active anyhow. So, this would be a good time to ask him if it's normal. Does he see other girls with the same 'flaps'? I'm sure you'll feel much better.

    Good luck!

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    It's perfectly normal, most women actually have larger labia minora, so you're very much in-line with other women.

    And like said before, men tend to like it, so it shouldn't cause any sexual issues in that way, plus they need to be massive before they create a physical problem with sex, so it's unlikely they ever will cause you problems.

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    Yes it is normal. Labia come in all different sizes, shapes, textures and lengths. Normal length is anywhere from 1/2 inch to nearly 4 inches.

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    Is My Vagina Normal

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