Do you think that this normal?

I'm not really sure if this is normal or if I should be worried. I was walking my dog and then this man on a bike comes up and starts going at the same pace as me. He starts asking me all these random questions and I am not really sure on how to answer so I just kind of mutter answers. Then he asked me if I was in high school and how old I was. I didn't really know if I should answer that question and I didn't know why he was asking that so I kind of just worked my way around answering, but he kept on asking. Eventually he left me alone and continued on his bike ride. But the whole thing just felt kind of creepy. I didn't even know him and it's not like we just happened to be at the same pace, he actually sped up so that he could talk to me. Am I being paranoid? Is he just making casual conversation or is it something to worry about?

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    10 years ago
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    Yeah that's really creepy man you're not being paranoid. This has happend to me before where random kind of weird guys come up to me while I'm walking somewhere. It's best to ignore them, and not answer their questions.

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    it is definitely creepy, but only of of was an older man. A younger guys your age wouldnt be a problem, but and old man, yes it is a problem. I have had some creepy encounters too, and once my younger brother was actually walking home from school and some guy in a car started to follow him and he actually had to run the other way! The car even tried to back up but my brother kept running in different directions. Some lady saw and followed him home to make sure the person didn't come back. You have to be street smart. Nowadays, you cannot trust anyone. My mom has been teaching me what to do when I am by myself since I could talk. Be careful, especially when your walking too, my mom has had a bad encounter then a man as well and had to threaten to call the police, so always have your phone ready, even carry a pocket knife, and be aggressive. Walking alone can be dangerous, especially in the country.

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    NO! that is incredibly creepy!

    as long as you didnt give out personal information like your name, age and school then you should be ok, but i would be creeped out. you arent being papanoid you are being cautious. just be careful please!

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