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What are the impacts on chidlren being born to younger VS older parents?

Does a parents age effect the child? In what manner?

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    As a 43 year old dad I refute the above claims of not being playful, creative or "fun". :-)

    The main difference for me is I'm a lot more mature myself, and I can let a lot of things roll off my back that would have bothered a younger me. I think I always would have been a good and responsible parent, but I got to do my own thing in my 20s and 30s, travel, spend my money as I wanted to. I don't think it will impact my son that much regardless, except his friends may mistake me and his mom for grandparents instead of parents :-)

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    Most(I'd say all, but I guess there's always an exception) of us mature as we age. Doesn't mean my 40-something is more mature than someone else's 20-something ... jjust that for any given person, a decade or two helps.

    I don't honestly buy the part you often hear about younger parents' living longer or having more energy. I mean, sure, they'll live longer but either way the kids will be adults before the parent hits their life expectancy. And, though I'm not one of them, most 40-, 50-, and even 60-somethings these days seem plenty active and energetic.

    I emphatically don't think that all older parents are better than all younger ones. A lot of things matter far more than age. But for it's very marginal worth, I don't think being older can hurt.

    Source(s): Ugh, dumb phone won't let me edit my last paragraph. Besides fixing "it's" (ugh) I meant to add that it seems to me there are some impressive parents who had kids young from this very board. Worked for them. ;-)
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    I agree with Star, there is so much more to an individual than their age-I had my kids "later" in life-33 and 35, days from being 36, lol. I am not strict or draconian and will often ask advice from younger moms that have more experience with whatever than myself. I also think I am a fun mom, I love playing and laughing with my kids and try to keep things light, so I disagree with a lot of the generalizations on here. On the other hand, I was probably too immature and selfish to be a decent parent in my 20's-I'd like to think having kids would have matured me but I am glad life did that for me.

    I have known very mature young moms and immature older moms, and vice versa. I am sure age has some impact but probably not as much as a lot of factors unique to the individual.

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    I let a lot more roll off my back than I used to. Not to be confused with patience. I never had that. But you know those things like traffic idiots and the little things that make you want to get the last word? I even recognize those things still, and laugh at myself for ever having cared about those things.

    I make sound decisions and am unselfish in those decisions when I need to be. I've always had a good decision making head, but I'm not sure I would have been as unselfish 20 years ago.

    On the other hand, I can't keep up with them like I could have when I was 20.

    Oh! And this might be the dealcloser. You know those teeny tiny elementary school desks where the table and desk are connected? That they make you sit at when you go to their open houses? Yeah I might have fit in those if I had children when I was 20.

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    Just to comment on other;s responses - I'm 38, about to be 39. My kids are 4 years and 22 months. I can say with some confidence that when I had my kids (and until about a year ago) I was probably in better shape than most women half my age. so the theory that "older parents" have less energy is sooo flawed.

    Age does not define a good parent.

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    I dont think the age matters because you have some really mature young parents and really immature older parents.. but i think that when their older their a little more wiser and probably have more money and are financially stable but too old and they might not be around for the important parts of your life.. but then again any one person can die at any time for any reason... a young mother might not be financially stable for a baby so they grow up in poverty and not being able to get the necessities they need.. but like i said their are parents that are young and have their stuff together..

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    I don't equate age with maturity, or make generalizations about a parent based on age alone.

    My 43 year old aunt who has a 7 year old and 1 year old still has grandma & grandpa babysit a few times a week so she can go drink.

    A 22 year old friend with a 3 year old, 1 year old step-daughter, and 2 month old never leaves the house, save a dinner out with hubby once every few months.

    Source(s): You can find all kinds of parents at all age levels.
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    This isn't something that is every single parent is like this, of course, it's just from my experience with people I know, this is how it happened.

    I think it might change the way the parents deal with the child. Not like in a bad way either way, just different. One of my observations is that older first time moms (35+) are more strict on the child and more controlling. Not necessarily in a bad way. They also don't take advice well, especially from parents younger than them.

    Then younger (in the 20s) moms first might be much more relaxed, and are more willing to take advice from their friends and family. They didn't have much of a life before children, so it's probably easier to adapt to life being centered around the child.

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    the older the less capable / willing to interact, play etc with there kids.

    the younger the less capable of competent parenting and informed decision making.

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    Younger parents are more fun, creative, more like a friend to the child(ren), crazy, funny, but usually have less time to spend with the child(ren) due to their social life, work, etc.

    Older parents are more calm, relaxed, loving, have more time to spend with the child(ren), knowledgeable, sure of themselves, but tend to lack fun.

    Both are great in their own ways!

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