Do you own a gun safe?

My dad always taught me to use corners......... never have invested in a gun safe, though I probably should.

Also, do you have some ear muffs by your bed in case you need them? I do. I can't hear all that great for a guy in his early-mid 20's to begin with. The last thing I need is a busted ear drum from a shotgun blast inside a house.

I know a guy who fired 1 45 ACP round indoors, busted his ear drum, and now he wears a hearing aid. I have fired thousands of rounds outdoors with no hearing protection and can still hear OK.

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    9 years ago
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    You should definitely own a gun safe. Cannon has very good ones on sale right now for around $700.00. You should NOT ever fire a gun without hearing protection. So, you're one of those guys who intends to use a shotgun for home protection - Huh. When I was young we never wore hearing protectors when we fired. I went to dozens and dozens of shooting matches without any sort of hearing protection. Today? I have mild tinnitus.

    One thing I did right is that for more than 20 years I used a long-barreled, S&W Model 41, 22 LR pistol for interior home security. I kept it and two extra magazines by my bed at night. Back in those days it was easy to get solid point 22 LR bullets. Trust me, it would have been a serious mistake to break into our home at night; AND I wouldn't have destroyed our home or appliances every time I pulled the trigger, either.

    The fact that you can, 'hear OK' right now means nothing. How well you are able to hear in 15 or 20 years is the question. Wear the muffs, OK!

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    9 years ago

    I recommend purchasing the best gun safe that you can afford. It just makes good sense to keep them out of the hands of children and to protect your valuables (when you are not at home). Most Sportsman find that their gun collection grows pretty quick sometimes. This is when you sell the safe that you have and upgrade to a larger safe. As far as hearing protection, seriously if a situation arose to where you had to fire your weapon inside of your residence you probably would not have time to utilize it. I would not worry about it. A little hearing loss versus loosing your life to me is not that big of a deal. P.S. Wear your hearing protection outside Bud... even if you are not the one firing. Hearing loss takes place gradually (you won't notice it at first...). Eventually you will be affected by not wearing the hearing protection. Hope this helps.

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  • 9 years ago

    If you have more then one gun, you should have some form of safe. The thought of putting on hearing protection prior to a home defense situation is plain silly. You are potentially fighting for your life, why give a bad guy a edge and waste valuable time? The only thing you might think of putting on is a bullet resistant vest, as bad guys often carry guns too.

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago

    I cant afford a safe big enough for all of my guns so I built a special closet. The closet is solid wood (and not sheet rock). I have a steal door with a heavy deadbolt on it. I have a small safe for my handguns. I figure in a home invasion I'm not going to need most of my guns. A heavy barreled .270 with a big scope is too much gun for my neighborhood. A couple of handguns is all I keep available and I have a safe for them. I also take all of the bolts out of my rifles and put them in my pistol safe (I have small kids) I also live in a very safe small town so the same solution may not work in some cities.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Nope,what use is a gun if its locked up?

    I have thought about putting some muffs beside my bed for the same purpose but if something happens I need to rely on my hearing to tell me where the guy is.

    If a .45 did that to his ear I wonder what my 12 gauge will do...Or a snub nose S&W 500

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