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Who do you think will die on tonights GLEE episode?

Tonight's GLEE episode is titled "Funeral" and apparently somebody is going to die. I have 3 possibility's

-Kurt, He is going through so much right now and could see him dying

-Rachel's mom- I could see his because she hasn't really been in the story line for awhile and then GLEE could go through the whole drama of Beth being an orphan and going back to Quinn and them goin through baby drama

-Becky- She could die because of some accident or something

Just as long as its not Rachel. Yea I know shes annoying and I don't really like her, but there is NO way New Directions is going to win nationals without her. They already tried singing "Don't Stop Believin" without when she quit and that didn't turn out very well.....................

any way comment below how you think will die on tonights episode of GLEE

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    Sue's sister. There was a still released from that episode that showed Sue and Becky hugging, and Sue looked really sad in it. :/

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  • 3 years ago

    QUINN can't DIE!!! Ugggh! stupid Rachel! If she might've had her wedding ceremony in might relatively of dashing it, Quinn does not have been hit. yet i think of she'll die. reasons: a million. Sue made up together with her (announcing that she's (quinn) each and every little thing that she (sue) isn't), all people made peace together with her, so it relatively is okay for her to die 2. the two Burt and David narrowly escaped loss of life. the two considerable characters to easily approximately die did not. So this one will. 3. She disn't sign her Season 4 settlement, yet Finn, Rachel, and Kurt did. it is the least perplexing thank you to maintain her off. 5. this might completely, indisputably, hammer abode the certainty thattexting and using is undesirable. whenever you desire to, you will think of of Quinn ineffective. yet while she lives, you will see her alive back traveling friends. i think of it relatively is the main reason this exceeded off the way it did; There are a million how you are able to die, it is why they chosen this one. So this might make advantageous that visitors get the message to not text cloth & rigidity. i might desire to assert she lives, yet i'm somewhat advantageous she'll die :(

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