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Historical and cultural facts on Israel..?

Alright, Well I have homework that I need to finish and the last two questions are:

Historical facts on Israel:


Cultural Facts on Israel:


Best Answer gets ten points.

I'm in fifth grade, by the way.


Please tell me good answers, LOL. Also this is due by tomorrow, sooo yeah.

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    Israel is the best known as the birth place of 3 major world religions.

    two of them Christianity and Judaism share the same Moral values.

    The third-Islam is quite different.

    The most astonishing fact about Israel is: Israel is the Only country in the world where the same people live, speak the same language and have the same faith they had 3,000 years ago.

    Also Israel is known as country where swamps were dried and desert became to blossom.

    In spite of the being one of the smallest countries Israel is only behind USA and canada in number of companies listed on Nasdaq.

    Israel is very important USA ally.

    In Cold war era Israel was the only Western country victorious against numerically superior enemy armed by communists.

    We won Cold War because Israel won Hot Wars with Arabs.

    Together with Israel we will win war with Muslim extremists.

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    Historical facts:

    It was established by terrorism, ethnic cleansing, assassinations, and after bribing and sending threat massages to UN members to vote for the Partition of Palestine (which gave the minority of Jewish immigrants the majority of lands in Palestine). And it has been the source of wars and conflicts until this day.

    Cultural facts:

    Israel doesn't have any unique culture. They don't have any national dress or food. The only unique and original culture to the land is the Palestinian Arab culture.

    Important note: never trust any information coming from an Israeli supporter. Take our Simple friend above for example. He says "Israel is known as country where swamps were dried and desert became to blossom". They all repeat the same Hasbara like robots but historical facts show otherwise. You can read the Survey of Palestine to see how Arabs made Palestine a green land before the arrival of Jewish immigrants. Here:

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    Well man seriously there aren't many facts since Israel's only been a country for about 63 years LOL.

    I mean most of their food is arabic food so you could write that. They are inhabitants are European Jews. They're a democracy ah hahahaha.

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