can't login windows live 8e5e0247 error?

recently, i reinstalled windows 7 on my machine and since i did, i cant login into windows live messenger, it give the error 8e5e0247 every time. I already tried to delete the contacts file, the registry keys... like it said on microsoft website and nothing work. How can I make it work?

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    10 years ago
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    1. Click on "Start", click "My Computer" In the Explorer window, click "Organize" Choose "Folder and Search Options" In the folder options window, click on "View" tab Select the option "Show hidden files and folders" click "ok". Browse to the location: C:\Users\\App Data\Local\Microsoft Delete "Windows live contacts folder" completely.Note: Ensure to exit Windows live Messenger from the task manager before deleting Windows live contacts cache folder, otherwise you will get an error prompting that you can't delete the folder. Try signing into Windows Live Messenger.

    2. Anyone recieving the 8E5E0247 Error trying to login to Windows Live Msgr and/or Windows Update who has an INTEL processor & Hard Drive over 700Gb must install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software. This will solve your problems.

  • 4 years ago

    Nooo way. Then its not a official window stay. i think of you have a faux homestead windows stay put in on your computing gadget. OYur documents could desire to be compremised. Uninstall it in case you may. And set up the official. no remember if it somewhat is bureaucratic then sorry :(

  • 10 years ago

    I don't personally use windows live, However you could re-install the messenger an that might work.

    Source(s): I'm good with computers but I figured I'd at least attempt to help you, those pesky errors get old.
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