Is the republican party trying to guarantee a second term for the current white house puppet?

Trump,Huckabee,Gingrich have dropped out thank God but look at the field of clowns they're running.Its time for a third party, owned by the American people. Im supporting Dr Paul despite his age.

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    10 years ago
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    I agree! Thank God and go Dr. Paul! But it seems that the establishment Republicans want Obamacare and more big governement, they don't care who is president. I didn't know Gingrich threw in the towel...phew! End the wars end the FED, stop proping up dictators and failed buisnesses...

  • Loreal
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    10 years ago

    No, but the Elitists, banks and businesses who run the country certainly are 'trying' to guarantee 2nd term IMO: Americans who have SEEN our country's deterioration in our very lives for several years, especially in places like So. Calif. are hurting and scared. Many do not want Establishment Republicans anymore, maybe they see we're on to them and progressives as well. IMO, Americans finally see we have been fooled big time by politicians and lamestream media, their words (and lack of them) do not match our reality and we see whatever party we vote in....we get the same and worsening globalism. Ron Paul is one honest, truthful and wise man with great plans FOR Americans!....what other politician is these? Age means nothing, it's the physical/mental health of the person of course that matters.

    Note to everyone: Please see video, an important, truthful, interesting, easy to understand video on our financial condition and falling dollar and consequences. It's a bit long... you can click 'pause' button and come back to it.

  • 10 years ago

    It's because the republican candidates know Obama will actually be pretty tough to beat. The strongest don't want to sully their records by going down as losers, so only the 2nd rate candidates are left in the race.

    It doesn't help that the republican party is split between the religious right and the old-style small government republicans, and that right now the religious right is dominant. To win the nomination, a candidate has to appeal to "the base," and by doing so, he/she will repel the center and the swing voters.

  • Tom R
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    10 years ago

    i definitely think you should work on the third party idea. . i agree the republicans have really messed up maybe you can get them to join you

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