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What is "Read Error at LBA 448" in Nero, & How Can I Fix It?

I was trying to make a copy of a video DVD I made recently for some friends of mine, using Nero to do so, when Nero came up with the message "Unrecoverable Read Error at LBA 448" and wouldn't continue with the copying.

The original DVD plays fine in DVD players & on Macs, but when played on PC it would only work through Media Player Classic.

I burnt the original DVD using iDVD on a Mac, with Apple ProRes422 format video, PNG images in the menu & a single AIFF audio track in the menu.

Although I copied the iDVD project to computer HDD, all the video, image & audio files, however, were still actually linked to my external hardrive when I was burning, so I'm not sure if that would have any relation to my problem or not.

I also checked 'Project Settings' before burning to ensure all the assets were encoded, which they appeared to be.

If anyone knows what the problem might be, I'd really appreciate the help! Cheers!

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    A "read error" means that Nero isn't able to read parts of the disc. Check the disc for scratches and smudges, also try running a lens cleaning disc in your drive. It's possible the lens has a buildup. When copying the disc choose the lowest speed (4X), there's less chance of errors.

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    This has nothing to do with Nero, or iDVD, period.

    Neither Windows, nor OS X, will allow you, or anyone else, to make copies of Copy-protected Media content.

    WHY? Because it's a violation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) laws:

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