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White part of the eyes yellow ..why ?

There was this boy in my high school and we were in the same drama class so we were always playing games 2 teach us about drama and we were playing this game called eye contact

I was partnered with this boy and i noticed the white part of his eyes

were very yellow

Both of his eyes were

Why ???

Does he have a std

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    That is a sign of being jaundiced. Did you also notice him looking tanner or more yellow in his skin than usual? It is caused by poor breakdown of bilirubin by the liver (which is broken down blood). It means the person's liver is not functioning properly either due to liver failure, hepatitis (from alcohol abuse, hepatitis virus, other bacterial/viral/parasitic infections, or fatty liver), certain blood disorders, and so forth. It can also be because the spleen is not working properly and is breaking down to damaging too many red blood cells causing this high bilirubin level.

    Anyway, such a thing could be as minor as he had a stomach bug that caused temporary stress on the liver, or it could be very severe. No way for you to know unless you ask him.

    In terms of it being an STD, if he has Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection, then those are considered STDs. Hepatitis A is not an STD and is temporary.

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    People say it's because your kidneys aren't strong enough to flush the toxins out of your system. Causing your eyes colours to turn a yellow then a white

  • When the whites of the eye and/or the skin is yellow-tinted, that means they have Jaundice. This can be a symptom of an STD or STI, but also of many other diseases too.

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    Probably some illness, I doubt it's an STD though. It might be a vitamin deficiency, his kidney's may not be funtioning properly, he could do drugs, or maybe that's just how his eyes are.

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    Hepatitis ( liver disease ), any other sort of liver illness, pancreatitis, gallstones, or certain severe anemia's can cause that symptom. ...of eyes turning yellow.

    Smoking marijuana can cause eyes to turn yellow also

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    It could be genetics, side effects from medications, bile from jaundice, or an optical illusion.

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    he could have hepatitis

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