Malaysia east coast or west?

I am planning a trip around Malaysia for August which I believe is when the west coast has its monsoon season, leaving the east coast with nice weather, is this correct. Also if I am already heading to the Perhentian Islands is there much point in going to Langkawi. Has anyone been to Pulau Pangkor is it difficult to get to and worth the effort, I am planning on going there from Kuala Selangor, is there a direct bus or would it be easier to hire a longdistance taxi? (Theres only 2 of us)

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    East Malaysia refers to the states of Sarawak & Sabah on Borneo Island, while West Malaysia refers to what we also call Peninsular Malaysia (PM). I believe you refer to West/Peninsular Malaysia.

    The moonsoon you referred to is the southwest moonsoon from late May to September. The country is actually relatively dry during this time of the year, except the Sabah state. But do expect the "unseasonal rain" that seem to occur with increasing frequency.

    If you are going to Perhentian Islands in Terengganu state that is in the northeast part of PM, instead of going to Langkawi that is in the northwest (part of Kedah State), my suggestion is to explore other parts of the northeast area, including Redang Island and further south to the Kuantan in Pahang, passing through Kelantan State on the east coast. There are plenty of nice beaches, hideaways and cheap stays. If you have time, you can travel further south to Mersing and visit some of the islands in that area of Johor State. I find Langkawi too "artificially" expensive for what it offers - more for the package tours.

    Pulau Pangkor (Island) is on the west coast and still a lay-back island with its fishing village. You can travel to Lumut town by road easily, and take the ferry over to the island. The drive is pleasant enough. The other alternative is to fly with Berjaya Air that uses twin-props; I have not tried it so can't comment.

    My personal preference is still the islands on the east coast of PM. The number of vessels passing through the Straits of Malacca that all the islands have to face on the west coast are a bother to me - just a personal thing. Moreover, I believe the east coast is more lay-back and probably why it attracts more backpackers.

    I believe you meant Kuala Lumpur which is the commercial capital. From here, there are plenty of buses going to all parts of PM and Singapore & Thailand. The newly renovated Puduraya Bus Terminal now serves north-bound buses. For the buses to the north-east coast (Trengganu), you need to take that from the Hentian Putra Bus Terminal that is directly opposite Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). And for traveling within the city, use the train and mono-rails to beat the notorious KL traffic jams - see: There are long distance taxis, but my preference is for the long-distance "Express Bus" for the comfort and also much economical. There have been stories about speeding drivers on these buses, and I therefore find it more comfortable to travel in the day time.

    Enjoy your stay in Malaysia.

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    The East Coast is a part of Peninsular Malaysia. Largely rural and comparatively poor, the East's prime attractions are some of Malaysia's most unspoiled islands, featuring great beaches and excellent scuba diving. State which located in East Coast of Malaysia are Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu. The East Coast is the poorest and most culturally conservative part of Malaysia.

    East Coast attraction are:

    Sibu Island - less commercialized small resort and scuba tropical paradise

    Perhentian Islands - backpacker paradise

    Redang Island - resort and scuba paradise

    Tioman Island - slightly more commercialized paradise

    The West Coast (Malay: Pantai Barat Semenanjung Malaysia) is a general way of referring to the states in Peninsular Malaysia which have their coastlines along the Straits of Malacca. This part of the peninsular is more urban and developed than the more Malay, Muslim and rural East Coast. As a result, the terms West Coast and East Coast tend to mean more than a geographical description of the states.

    The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, and the new administrative centre of Putrajaya, are located in this region. Historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building at Independence Square Regions. The West Coast states (from north to south) are:

    Perlis - Malaysia's smallest state

    Kedah - the rice paddy (padi) state, also contains Langkawi island

    Penang - popular resort island, with the charming capital George Town

    Perak - once rich in tin

    Selangor - Malaysia's most populous and developed state

    Negeri Sembilan - for traditional Minangkabau culture

    Malacca - for history stretching back to the 15th century

    Read on below website where it detail share and present us a lot of Malaysia attraction and travel spot base on each State. It might be helpful to you to plan for your trip in Malaysia.

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    The west if you want Cities Shopping Cultural experience. The East if you want to see unspoiled Malaysia. When I went to east Malaysia the weather was much like Australia and the people were much friendlier than the west. Its best to go in December when its cooler.

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    The best place is Penang and KL in Malaysia. There is Borneo jungle as well. Enjoy the cheap and tranquil lifestyle.

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    Don't waste your time when there is Borneo to see. Go to Malaysia Borneo.

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