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Is Wing Chun an effective form of martial arts?

how effective is Wing Chun in normal fights? I'm talking like fighting normal people on the street who probably don't have much experience or a specific style of fighting.

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    Well, in general any martial arts experience will be effective against a person in a normal fight, provided they have less experience relative to you. This form of rating though can be fuzzy if you have only a little bit of martial arts experience, even if they have none.

    I'm changing my answer because I just realized I digressed. So let's keep it focused on Wing Chun.

    First and foremost, you have to understand how fights on the streets general start. It's not like in tournaments where you're in your corner and your opponent is at his corner. It's either:

    1) an escalating fight where your opponent tries to intimidate you. In most cases, guys will stand big and tall with their chest pumped out, getting in your face and lightly but firmly pushing you back while saying something along the lines of "you wanna fight? I'm going to beat your face to the ground!" or something similar. They try to intimidate you.

    Sometimes, they'll attack you right then and there. Unfortunately for them, they usually set themselves up into Wing Chun's fighting range - which is medium-close range. Boxers, TKD, Muay Thai, Karate, these types of arts usually favor long range and have their power smothered if the opponent passes their range barrier.

    2) Surprise attack/ambush. When you ambush someone and get it down in one go, it doesn't matter how experienced or skilled someone is if you get them off guard. Unfortunately, this is not due to skill in martial arts, but more to how attentive you are to your surroundings.

    Now, DRNG brought up a point that tells me he doesn't understand the point of Wing Chun.

    You may already know that Wing Chun suits women best. Bear with me as I explain this, because this helps make more sense and may provide you an insight as to how to train to become proficient much more quickly.

    WIng Chun best suits women. Why? Well, if you usually put a woman against a man, in most cases the man will overpower the woman by sheer brute force/strength. If you put a trained woman in hard-style martial arts, she may fare better than before. However, if she encountered a bigger, powerful person, she'll lose in terms of strength. Also, the longer a fight drags out, the greater the chances are that she'll make a mistake and be overtaken by brute force.

    So what does Wing Chun teach: To NOT use force against force, and to take down your opponent immediately.

    The smart way for a woman to fight is to exploit the weaknesses of her opponent's body. Target throat, eyes, ears, nose, armpit, solar plexus, sternum, groin, ribs. If none of those work, make a wound and keep attacking it. It's dirty fighting, but the point is SURVIVAL!

    The fastest way to survive is eliminate the threat as soon as possible. So I don't know what DRNG was thinking, but there's more to it than just hit one person and then hit the next person while standing there and letting some guy hit you with a bat. Part of fighting strategy when dealing with multiple opponents is to get out of being in the middle of the group.

    When fighting with multiple opponents, you have to have some kind of fighting strategy. If you've seen Ip Man with Donnie Yen, there's a scene where he fights with 4 karate student opponents at once. In real life, that is not safe to do. And in Wing Chun, you don't just stand there dealing blow after blow. You take down an opponent within 2 seconds, and move on to the next opponent. Or you take one opponent and throw him into the path of the next oncoming attacker. Or you use him as a shield.

    There's much more in how to handle fighting normal people on the streets, dealing with multiple opponents, and dealing with weapons that can be handled. One thing most people misunderstand is that Wing Chun is not a "what you see is what you get" art. You have to do it to understand how it is different.

    Now, specifically bringing in your question: Wing Chun is effective against those normal people you speak of. Unlike professional fighters or skilled and experienced fighters, normal people either over-commit their attacks and leave themselves wide open to a counter (as a result of throwing away their balance and control), or they are too scared to get hit and attack with unsupported power. In short, this is like trying to tackle someone without charging - no power and no balance or control.

  • Ching
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    As good as some no better or less than others. Wing Chun has a lot of haters, from what probably varies, but it's definitely effective for some people. It's not really flashy, the style has no high kicking, it has a fairly close fighting range with your opponent which freak some people. I have never needed to use in in the street, though some of the guy's I train with have used it. My husband has trained in Wing Chun longer than I have and knows a fair share guy's who have won and lost. -- so what I'm saying it may not the end all beat all style but it's no slouch either. It may work for you, or not. You'll never know unless you try.

  • Anonymous
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    WC requires very good training from a good school. It also requires more practice than most forms of MA. Experienced WC people do very well in street fights but less well in tournaments due to wearing gloves. WC does not work well with gloves on. There are many very good techinques in WC worth learning. WC is short medium range only and requires constant attack. Boxing allows good foot work and a rest from attacking, circle, pivot, side step, change direction, circle other way, engage with wingchun or boxing, boxing footwork again, re-circle, have rest do again.

    The best approach is what Bruce Lee used: JKD, where he married WC with Boxing and perhaps other forms such as fencing. My approach is WC, boxing and an agressive kicking Karate or kick boxing. Marry three types together, take the best of them and use what suits you.

    When young I did Judo for some years and this was very useful. I would engage with boxing, trip or throw them down with Judo then punch their faces in with boxing again once down. WC, Boxing, Judo and Karate, all married together into an MMA!

    Be careful about legal issues with all this or you end up in Gaol...

    Young women love it all though and will come to watch!

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    Wing Chun was developed from street fighting, so it is good for street fighting.

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  • Anonymous
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    I love the chun. Others disagree- and so be it, it is a free country.

    Does it work?

    Let me say that I have seen wing chun experts who neither you nor I would want

    to insult!

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    Wing chun is not effective in a street fight ... because someone can rip your *** with a baseball bat :P . and with out kicking skills can you fight properly even with 2 guys ? using your 2 hands ... ouch some one can attack you behind when you punch someone in front

    Source(s): jeet kune do is more effective than any other sport
  • CTC
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    A MA is only as effective as the individual martial artist using the art and the quality of training he or she recieves.

  • ?
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    Prone to over-mysticism, and suffers from lies and and lack of realism fairly often, like many Chinese MAs, and it's totally defence based, little sport application, but legit Wing Chun cna be amazing, I should know, my dad's done it for more than 20 years.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes! its truly martial arts.

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