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Who do you think gets along with their children easier: older parents or younger parents?

Older parents as in if they had a kid when they were Like 40 vs younger parents like if they had a kid when they were 25.

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    I'd say younger parents, I've seen many young parents with their children, especialy the Mum's and daughters they're like sisters.

    I had my daughter at 17, so I'm hoping we will be very close.

    But I suppose it doesn't really depend on the age, but the personality, My Mum had me when she was 22-23 and we're really close. She had my little sister when she was 33, and they are very close, but my Mum's a nutter and a little kid at heart, so I think that helps.

    So yeah, if I had to choose I'd say younger, but I think it's got more to do with personality.

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  • My mom had me at 16 & we get along great.

    Younger parents DO get along better with their kids because they know what they are talking about. They went through the same things like 5 years back other than having an older parents going through something from 10-20 years back. Younger parents also seem to have more fun and be outgoing. Having a younger parent might mean the parent will be less strict (not in all cases). The child might have more freedom also. It all really just depends on the parent. Age is just a number.

    Hope this helped! (:

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    i dont think the age the parents had their children really mattesr it depends how they raised their children and the relationship they ahve with them. my parents were young parents to me and i dont get on with my mum, weve never been close and raely talk but i get on well with my dad. im a younger parent and get on great with my daughter although shes only 2 we have a great relationship and i know i want to make sure that lasts as i never had it with my own. any parents can be good parents if they do it the 'right' way there are good and bad parents of all different ages, just in my experience being younger makes it easier because you are still young enough to get involved in activities and understand them as they grow up.

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  • jv
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    I think parents that had their children under 35 are closer with their kids then people that wait longer.

    My mom had me at 16 and even though it was hard for her at first she was strict so I wouldn't make the same mistake as her, so we didn't get along "great" growing up especially my teen years but we weren't fighting either. But after I became an adult and married and now with a child it seems she's one of my best friends. I love her and understand why she was tough on me. I talk to my mom a few hours a week and we have lots of fun.

    My husband also loves my mom and gets along great with her... Now on the other hand his parents were 40 when they had him and they don't really have much of relationship, he doesn't "hate" them at all but they just don't connect. Nothing in common, music, movies, things to do for fun, sense of humor, nothing... so it's very awkward when we're with them. We only really talk to them on holidays and special occasions. Other than that we don't really talk to them. They have 2 other sons and it's the same situation with them.

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    Age does not define parent/child relationships. There are TONS of other factors at play - parenting style, parenting skills, temperament of parent and child, fit of parent and child with each other, etc.

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  • Its not about age its about how you raise your child. My mom is 33 years older than I am and I love her to death I have never disrespected her. She's my everything. I have a very strong special bond with her. She is NOT my friend she is my MOM and I trust her and tell her everything.

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