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ATHEISTS: According to Logic, you do not Exist.?

Atheists dont exist. Want to know why?

First ask them: Do "atheists" know the exact number of grains of sand in the Sahara desert?. Can they count the number of hair on a full grown yak?"

You need to ask these because some people think they know everything.

Lets say you know 1% of every knowledge in the whole of the universe. To know 100%, you have to know everything, which means you will be Omniscient. You would know how many grains of sand are in the Sahara, you would know every single thought, you would know every single thing since the earth existed.

Considering that 1% of knowledge you know, would it be possible that in the remaining 99% of knowledge you dont know, that there will be an ample evidence of the existence of God? You only have 1% of knowledge and you would be Foolish to simply conclude, from that small knowledge, that God doesnt exist. It would be foolish because somewhere in that 99% of knowledge you havnt discovered, there could be enough evidence to prove the existence of God.

Hence to simply say "There is no God", despite having enough knowledge, is to make an absolute statement. Owing to lack of Knowledge on your part, you do NOT know if God exists. So in the strict definition of the word, you cannot be atheist. The only one true qualifer to say God doesnt exist is a being with knowledge of everything, and that is God. Why would God want to deny his own existence?

So my conclusion is, Atheists dont exist. Only people with blind knowledge who are ignorant. Atheists' finding God, is like a thief looking for a policeman.


LMFAO. The So Called "Atheists" dont have any reasonable argument to combat my point. So they begin to call me words. This point has debunked you all. Gf and please reasonable people should answer.

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    My atheism is based on the available knowledge I have at my disposal. I don't say God cannot exist, or definitely does not exist - I say I've seen no evidence that he does. I'm open to the possibility of being shown otherwise, but no-one has been able to present evidence of God.

    There is also a lot of evidence against the main world religions which describe the God I'm supposed to believe in. So, for that reason, I'm a 6 on the Dawkins scale.

    De facto atheist: "I cannot know for certain but I think God is very improbable, and I live my life on the assumption that he is not there."

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    Bullsh!t. I do not have to know the exact location or condition of every particle in my house to know where my house is.

    It is true that it is not possible to say whether there is no god at any point in the universe, which is in fact a rather large place.

    However there is no evidence that there is any god HERE, whatever the case is on the other side of the Orion nebula or further away, and to the best of my or anyone else's certain knowledge, there never has been. Thus it is reasonable to believe that there is no god.

    Even if this is not correct, it is of no consequence, since that god is behaving as if it does not exist HERE and NOW.

    Third, the enthusiast of religion has yet to show that even if this god exists and is HERE and NOW, that it is their god, and not one of the thousands of other gods once or still acknowledged by other enthusiasts of other religions.

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    I could give you an estimate for the number of hairs on a Yak. You count the number of hairs in a small area. The next part requires the unlikely thought that the hairs on the Yak are evenly spread and are uniform. You divide the total area of hair on the Yak by the area you've taken. You then times that number by the number of hairs in the area you took. You have an approximation for the number of hairs on the Yak.

    Atheist don't claim to know everything. We know very little. However, the number of hairs on a Yak isn't a scientific fact. It's not uniform from Yak to Yak. Formation of starts, the charge of an electron, the half life of Uranium and all the other scientific numbers and facts are constant. They remain the same throughout the universe.

    Atheist don't believe in anything. We know things. The things that we know are backed up by fact, or objects.

    You believe God exist. Good for you. That's faith. If there was evidence you wouldn't need faith.

    The burden of proof is on you. Not us.

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    By the same argument, a person could not conclude that leprechauns, the Norse gods, four-sided triangles, phlogiston, and intergalactic tiddlywinks tournaments don't exist. Do you suggest, then, that we must believe in every single claim that could possibly be conceived simply because we are not omniscient?

    Or do you suggest that we use reason and evidence to determine which things we should believe in and exhibit a healthy skepticism towards those things which are least supported, while keeping an open mind towards the confirmable evidence that comes our way?

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  • Kiba
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    Darling, I've reiterated over and over again how atheists are open to the concept of god/gods. To insist you KNOW there is or isn't a God is to have a profound knowledge of the universe equal to that of a God.

    So your point is as reasonable an 'argument' to say you're an idiot for believing God exists. I mean, how on earth could you know that? You don't know how many grains of sand there are in the Sahara, do you?

    Source(s): You're not being very reasonable, yourself. Isn't pride a sin?
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    I'm pretty sure you don't know exactly what knowledge is otherwise you'd realize it's not finite. But I digress.. The knowledge you lack is an understanding of atheists. The definition is we do not believe there is a god because there is no evidence. The operative words here a believe and because. You show us evidence and we'll change our beliefs. It must be somewhere in that 99% you go on about..

    Setting that aside, you're logic is childish much like your beliefs.

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  • 9 years ago

    By your own logic nobody can be a theist either...

    So with what knowledge we have we cant know 100% for a fact that there is no God...but there is not a single thing in the world that points to there actually being a with no reason to think that there is a god it makes perfect sense to say that I dont believe in God. I dont believe in God, therefore I am an atheist.

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    THis isn't logic, it's a signt hat no one ever taught you how to think analytically. Exessentially, I can argue you don't exist - that I am the only thing that exists and the world is merely a creation of my mind. But your premise, that because I don't know everything, hence there maybe missing evidence of god's existance (why would a supreme being be so obscure?), hence my claim that god doesn't exist is tantamount to me claiming I don't exist is tortured at best.

    If god has all these powers you attribute to it, then you have no free will because god already knows what your fate is and because god knows that, anything you do cannot change it. So you are in a rigged game - you may be destined fro eternal punishment despite all your berst efforts. Think about that before you post another non-sensical piece.

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  • 9 years ago

    Asking questions such as 'how many grains are in the sahara' is an asinine question, even to the most intelligent people. In fact, some people would be able to devise a formula that would be able to calculate exactly the amount, but isn't that more of a waste of resources? Atheists can exist, as there are people in the world who BELIEVE that there is no god. Blind faith even in no God is the most one can do religiously. There is no proof of there being a God, nor is there proof of there not being a God.

    Troll Elsewhere.

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  • 9 years ago

    Take all the atheists in the world and you have a combined wealth of knowledge that is staggering. I fear the same cannot be said about theists as it is their goal to keep their heads mired in superstition and run away from knowledge.

    If there is any evidence to prove the existence of God, wouldn't one of those super-bright theists have come forward with it? I contend there are no theists simply because god doesn't exist. In your less than one percent knowledge, pull up the proof he does.

    And, as for how many grains of sand in the Sahara and hairs on a Yak, I can answer that. There are as many grains of sand as there are. There are as many hairs as there are.

    BTW, your 'logical' progression is poor. Very Aunt Sally.

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