Are alcoholic drinks going to be cheaper or more expensive in Malia, Crete (Greece), because of the economy?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yeah unfortunately, i have friend who lives out there and she said due to the economy issues they have had no choice. Bars and cafe's especially. You should still be able to buy quite cheap local beer and wines from the supermarkets but shop around, some may be cheaper than others. Stock your fridge up when you get there and have a few cheap beers before you hit the strip.

    Most bars will still have offers on like BOGOF or free shots etc as they will be wanting to draw in the tourists. Just find the bars offering the best deals and go to them every will be surprised how the prices of your drinks can drop if you are a loyal customer and go there every evening :)

    Have fun and try not to let the economy problems put a dampener on your holiday, you will manage fine money wise if you shop around and limit yourself. Dont waste money on aircon in the room or any day trips if you are purely going for a clubbing holiday. Also if you are Self Catering head to the supermarket and buy a huge bag of pasta - we lived off the stuff as it was filling and cheap

    Def reccommend Star Beach, its a free mini waterpark that has foam parties, music and drinking everyday. We had the best day ever there

    Oh and lastly, keep an eye on your drinks

    Source(s): Malia 2009
  • Elaine
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    10 years ago

    Everything in Greece is much more expensive than it has ever been. Prices are at least the same as the UK, and sometimes higher.

    Source(s): Two weeks there at the beginning of the month.
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