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Question for A Republican- Conservative Girlfriend Told her son " Gay people go to hell" Is that wrong?

Ok, I'm in a really strange situation. My girlfriends son. A Teenager 15 years of age. Was caught looking at gay porn on the internet last night. My girlfriend ( A strong Republican, from a very republican family ) Confronted him, and told him that Gay people go to hell when they die. So If he is gay, he will go to hell. I guess in an effort to scare him straight. So the other Day i was talking to him. And now suddenly he tells me he " Hates gays " I told him he should not hate anyone. He asks me if I hate gays. I respond " No " . He tells me That if I do not hate gays. I will go to hell with them,

Do you think that's over the top? I'm not Conservative, but Do you think that was crossing the line? For him to say that to me?

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    I think it's wrong to teach kids that -anyone- goes to Hell. I was brought up Jewish and I got really tired of hearing my friends tell me I was going to Hell. I told them 'Hey, it's not up to you.'

    But it's -especially- wrong to teach that gays will go to Hell. It's just intolerant. If you ask me, it's people who teach their kids that gays are going to hell who are going to hell.

    But if the kid is 15 he's old enough to figure it out for himself. He will figure -that- out soon enough, and then he'll realize that his mom is just being manipulative. And then he'll be okay. 8^)

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    Will gays go to hell? If anyone, including gays accept Christ as their Savior, believe He died for their sins, confesses their sins, and tries their best to live by what His word is, then no. If gays really are born gay, even though the Bible says it is wrong, I can't see God holding it against them. The Bible tells us to love everyone, so that answers that question. Also, the Bible tells us not to judge, so take from that what you will about the mother. She will answer to God, like the rest of us.

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    I'm tired of people interchanging conservative with christian. I'm not a believer, nor are my conservative friends. While the religious tend to be conservative it does not follow that the conservatives tend to be religious.

    Having said that, the Bible teaches that homosexuality is an abomination, and therefor the believers must believe gays go to hell.

    But you as a non believer don't have to worry about you?

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    He sounds old enough to say whatever he wants to.If it sounds misguided to you, then what do you suggest we do about it? Hang the mother or cut out the boy's tongue? I know that's extreme, but free speech can be a b**** sometimes.The line is crossed daily because of it. I would ignore it if it offends you.I'm not liberal nor a right wing conservative.I just believe differently than others-so do you.

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    Republican is not a religious faith but Christian is. You have confused the two.

    I am a Pagan and a very Conservative Extremely Right And I find that Christian does not equal Republican no more than Democrat equals atheist.

    Hell is a place in Christian Faith.

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    Seems in line with standard christian doctrine.

    Did you mention to him that unbaptized babies, most of the military, and people who eat bacon will be there too? As well as all those who pick wrong?

    I'd suggest that you stop allowing your children's religious views to be formed by a series of random bits of strange.


    Sorry I see it is her son. The kid is destined to be yet another repressed Republican, look for him to leave his wife and run off with a rentyboy sometime after he wins the Republican governorship of a minor state..

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    GOD does not hate queers , He hates their sin ! Queers will go to hell when they die if they don`t repent of their sin before they die ~~~ 1 Corinthians 6 : 9 - 10 ... Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God ? Be not deceived : neither fornicators , nor idolaters , nor adulterers , nor "effeminate" , nor abusers of themselves with mankind , Nor thieves , nor covetous , nor drunkards , nor revilers , nor extortioners , shall inherit the kingdom of God. KJB

    Source(s): ( Here in the bible GOD tells you what "not to do" . True born again Christians have nothing in common with the sinners lifestyle !) Here`s what he bible says about associating with sinners after you have been saved ~ 2 Corinthians 6 : 14 ... Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers : for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteouness ? and what communion hath light with darkness ? KJB ......... If GOD says` not to do something and you do it anyway , then disobeying GOD will have a negative consequence on your life now and later !
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    Yes. It is very over the top. Point out to him that Jesus spent all his time with the prostitutes, gays and the general unwanted. He didn't hate anybody.

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    nope, that's pretty much correct gays go to hell, but that's because they make their own hell right here on don't sweat it so much if your one really wants to hear about it allthe time

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    Liberals and gay people are ashamed of gay sex themselves. Obviously they consider it immoral but cannot come right out and say so.

    Proof positive: Every time someone here mentions the gay sex act, the post is deleted by Liberals and gays. But straight sex is always allowed to be discussed.

    Source(s):;_ylt=AqzWK... I'd give you examples of people talking about gay sex but they've all been deleted!!!
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