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I'm going to France this weekend what should i see?

I want to see something exciting and hot and don't say that big tower

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    I would not suggest the Eiffel Tower not exciting to do because the queue takes 5-6 hours to get a ticket plus another queue going to the top.

    The best places so far I really I like is in Normandy Region. Trouville Sur-Mer, Douville walking to the Promenade, the beach is fantastic, Musée Christian Dior, must visit and see is Mont Saint Michel. Absolutely stunning! And the Zoo de Champrepus if you have a children. But the time we went most of the animals are making love maybe it was their breeding time. It was not a good timing to take my children in the zoo. But it worth going there just for nature adventure.

    Von voyage!

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    The catacombs. If you're not too squeamish. It's absolutely amazing to learn about them. And they seem unbelievable, it's truly a once in a lifetime experience. Also if you go to Notre Dame there's a sort of court yard in front of the church and there's a circle that marks the centre of Paris. It's kinda cool to say you stood in right in the centre of the city.

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    My favourite place in france is a little village called Port-en Bessin. Its a little village over looking a harbour, and it really is quite beautiful. Nice accommodation and close to 'Mont-Saint. Michelle' which is also beautiful! You could also visit Bayeux and see Britains Bayeux Tapestry.

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    Le Moulin Rouge. Bring plenty of cash.

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    French kisses?

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