Teens: Do you take good photos?

I don't, if I take a photo I look like a pedophile if I take another photo I look like a deer in the lights if I take a good photo I look at my mouth and I look like crap. What about you guys?

BQ: When you were little have you ever drew a picture of yourself ugly and asked your mom if she still loved you if you looked like that? Or is that just me?

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    God no. I look like a creeper in pretty much every picture I take.

    BQ: LOL YES I HAVE. ;)

  • 9 years ago

    I am so awful at taking pictures of myself. I do not look good in pictures whatsoever. If I think 'oh, my make up looks so good and I look real good in this outfit, let me take a pic.' I always look SO awful. I think it is because I have got a very dynamic body (I don't really know how to explain it) with high cheekbones and bony hips and waist, and the camera and the lighting just make it all look so awkward. I can take good pictures of others, but not me nor anyone else can ever take an even decent picture of me :/

    BQ: LOL I think that's just you. I like to do weird faces and ask people if they'd still love me if my face was permanently stuck like that though hahha.

  • Hɑze
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I'm a bad photographer, I think. Some are ok - I like this photograph I took of a sunset after some rain, but most of the stuff I've taken is made up of random candid snapshots.

    If you mean photographs of me, sometimes. I look bad in pictures, but I look bad in real life. I have a habit of raising one eyebrow, opening my eyes really wide and doing this weird half-smile when I know I'm being photographed.

    BQ: I did when I was about seven.

  • 9 years ago

    LOL no. It takes me a lot to get good pictures; I am more photogenic than I used to be though! If other people take the photo I look like a raging pedofile child-thing. :/

    BQ: I used to draw myself with thick markers, as a princess - with long purple hair.

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  • 9 years ago

    I can take amazing photos of other people and things but when it comes to me taking a photo of myself I hate it as i look terrible :L

    I usually use the webcam if i want pictures for FB ect as i can get good ones :L

    But i generally hate people taking photos of me and i prefer to be behind the camera :)

  • 9 years ago

    It depends on the lighting and the angle of the shot but in school yearbook pictures I just look bleh

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sometimes. I think its wierd that when im out going to a party or something and im all dressed and look pretty i take pictures and i look like crap but when im not like im sad or something i look good in them it wierd to me


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yeah I take pretty good photos since I'm doing a photoshoot in 2 weeks... :)

  • che™
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    9 years ago

    People think I do, but I don't think I do.

    Sometimes my forehead is just to shinny, I have too much cleavage, my smile is too big, etc..

    Especially school pictures I hate them.

    BQ: I used to draw self portraits of myself & it'll be stick figures with a big head. My mom would always say "Aww, hun' you're beautiful" Parents... don't you love them.

  • no because i look extremly ugly and gross. i like taking pictures of people but i hate other people taking pictures of me

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