what do i expect while i get braces?

i got my spacers on wednesday, the 13th, and i got 5. 1 on both sides on top , 20 on the bottom right, and one on the left. can someone please tell me what im going to expect!!!! im nervous about it


I MEANT 2 on the bottom right. i was in a rush

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  • 9 years ago
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    What you can expect is a perfect straight set of pearlies whites at the end of it all. =)

  • 9 years ago

    It is nothing to worry about at all. I got braces about 5 years ago and had them on for 2 years.

    When you say spacers, do you mean those metal cap like things they put on your back teeth?

    Anyways, all they do is glue one piece of metal to each tooth then put a wire through the metal and fassen the wire to the spacers. It doesn't take long at all and doesn't hurt one bit. You will experience a slight 'tugging' feeling as your teeth are starting to move. After you leave the dentist and the braces are on, your teeth feel a little un comfortable but that's it. You may find it feels funny to eat but no pain :)

    Good luck!

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