Any tips for a boy going into 7th grade?

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im a bit of a geek and a nerd but i can hangout with pretty much whoever i want so any tips
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I'm a girl going into 7th and here's what I want in a guy,,
-Smart, but not too smart, or at least isn't like one of those guys that knows like everything!
-Hot, haha like wear Aeropostale, don't have nerdy hair, lose the glasses if you have them!
- Smells good (haha kinda creepy, but you'd be surprised what 12/13 year old girls talk about)
- DO NOT HANG OUT WITH THE NERDS! You can be hot and everything else but if you hand out with the super nerdy guys, girls will NOT go out with you!
- Play a sport, any sport really, football, baseball, golf, basketball, it gets you in good shape! (and if your fat try to lose weight)

Try hanging out with the guys that aren't super cool, then work your way up, usually once you start going out with the "cool/hot" girls you'll get there or you'll get up with the cooler guys first then you'll get a popular hot girl..... haha good luckk!

Yah and like the other people said, be yourself, and you still should do your best in school!


I'm a girl going into 7th!
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  • Geoff answered 3 years ago
    You'll be fine. Women will appreciate you're geekiness more when you're older. Be yourself. Don't stay angry and don't try to get back at people, it'll make you look like the bad guy.
    Good luck.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    SaM3 tHiNg Lik3 s─»XtH GrAd3
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  • Smile answered 3 years ago
    im a girl and i am going into grade 8 so i was in the same position as you last year ! :P

    dont know what its like at your school but heres my advice coming from my perspective-
    dont be one of those guys that treat girls like things. dont talk about their boobs or butt-even if you're complimenting them. because what a girl ( at least me ) really wants to hear is a compliment about their eyes or their smile or their laugh ect.
    also if a girl says your a loser or something, dont pay attention , girls can be MEAN- and this is coming from a girl:P
    dating is fine but when you ask a girl out you might wanna actually take her our on a date cuz i know at my school people are " dating" but they really only see each other at school.

    wear whatever you want but make sure its clean and it fits you!!!!!
    Always smell good. and DONT have greasy hair!! there are some guys at my school that would be pretty hott if only they would shower!!
    If your fat ( not sure what you look like just saying ) if dosn't matter!! seriously there is a fat guy in my class ( not being mean or anything ) AND I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! he is so nice and so funny and hes not rude or anything i just love him!!!!!!! so that just goes to show beauty is on the inside ( but he is beautiful on the outside too ;))

    Always finish your projects on time!!!! start them the day your teacher tells you !! i didnt hand in a bunch of projects and that made me do bad!

    well thats it 4 now ill caom back if i think of more!!!!

    <3 Angie :)
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    better to be a geek and get a really good job instead of a unemployment bound fool who does not pay attention and learn,best thing to do in your 1st yr of big school is blend in,do what your supposed to and you will make friends similar to yourself,dont do things that bring you attention,and you will be fine,you will notice that the loudmouths and troublesome boys will attract the school bullies who enjoy making peoples lives a misery.good luck
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  • Noah Ark answered 3 years ago
    Dating/girls is a big thing. Dating is okay, but don't get overestimate it. People in my grade use to get so hung on it saying they "loveddd" their partners, but now they can barely remember it happened lol.

    Basically this is the time where everyone gets in there groups/cliques, so finding a group of close friends you can rely on is crucial unless you want to be Mr. Popular who gets along with everyone.

    Academical wise it gets a little harder, but honestly it doesn't get nerve-wrecking until highschool so you don't need to worry haha.
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  • Gleerf answered 3 years ago
    do all your work and don't take anything else too seriously because once you get passed middle school you will realize how stupid everything actually was.


    I am now going into 11th grade
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  • january_stars answered 3 years ago
    Have fun. You only get to do 7th grade once (well unless you are held back!), so enjoy it while it lasts. Do well in school, try to get along with your teachers, and go to school dances, even if you have no one to go with. My best advice is to NOT make fun of others. That happened a lot in middle school - kids would laugh at others and call them smelly, stupid, make fun of their body, etc. That is just mean. Make sure that you are not doing that to others, because it will really hurt their feelings, even if they pretend that it doesn't. If you are the one being made fun of, just remember to not take what they say too seriously. People like to make fun of others because they want to seem "cool," not because they actually mean what they say. So try not to take mean comments too personally.
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  • Josh answered 3 years ago
    try not to get caught in by how things appear to work, some people might incline to mess with you a bit at first.
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