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John Curtin's Major Achievements?

the prime minister of australia during WWII, what where his major achievements that made him so legendary?

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    John Curtin was elected Prime Minister during WWII. He stayed in office during the worst of WWII. Just to fill you in on the beginning of the war, during April of 1939, just before WWII was officially declared, Prime Minister Joseph Lyons, who had been Prime Minister for seven years, died in Sydney. His deputy, Robert Menzies took over as Prime Minister. Menzies was a devoted Anglophile. In other words he believed that if England was at war so was Australia. He believe this so much that he thought that he should be in England and in Churchill's war cabinet. He left Australia and went to England once WWII was declared. An election was held in 1940 which Menzies won with a decreased majority. Curtin had apparently not been able to make much progress against the very popular Lyons'. Both Joe Lyons and his wife Enid Lyons were very popular figures at the time.

    In 1941 Prime Minister Robert Menzies travelled to England. This left Menzies' deputy, Country Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Fadden in charge. There were two independents keeping the conservative government in office. This government collapsed in October 1941. When the election that followed this came around the Australian people who were fighting a war for Britain in Europe and Africa while Britain left Singapore and were prepared to leave us to the Japanese, tipped the Menzies government out of office and Curtin Labour government came into power.

    John Curtin was also the Prime Minister who called on the USA and General Douglas MacArthur to save Australia when we were under attack by the Japanese. Hence the ANZUS alliance.

    President Roosevelt sent assistance that saved Australia. This was particularly the case after the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

    Curtin died at the Lodge in Canberra in July 1945 aged 60. He was obviously worn out by the rigours of WWII. He was briefly succeeded by Frank Forde, a Queensland Labour member of parliament and the only other Queenslander besides Kevin Rudd to be a Labour Prime Minister.

    Forde was replaced within a week or so by Ben Chifley as Prime Minister.

    More information about Curtin

    National Archives on Curtin 252 pages

    I hope that this information is of assistance to your.


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    John Curtain

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    Despite the time in history, not really a military-theme question is this? I recommend that you repost in the history or political area or simply to a google search. I'm even betting that wikipedia has a pretty good page on him.

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    Im curious myself.

    Off the top of my head, I would guess one would be telling the UK that he had problems at home and was bringing the troops back from North Africa.

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