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Name of store in Dijon, France.?

Hi all,

I am interested in finding out the name of a [fantastic] little antique store that I visited in Dijon, France at the end of 2010. The address is 2 Place Notre Dame, Dijon, France and can be found on Google Street View. It is located on a grey brick-paved street, nestled between a real estate business and a pharmacy. The store contains antique collectibles and art prints.

I am particularly interested to know if they have a website that I can visit to purchase items online.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Au revoir!


This is a Google Street View Photo of it;


Thank you to those who have taken the time to help answer this question.

I suspect the store may be too smaller operation to have it's own website.

Thanks again,

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    I have looked at the list of antique shops in Dijon and did not find the particular one you are after.


    Either they are too small or the owner is not interested in computers and selling on line.

    You could contact the estate agent next door, that is easily reachable on line, and ask if their neighbour has a website address.

    You could also write directly and ask if they have a website but, knowing small French antiquarians, I would guess it probably is a one man show and he or she is not even computer literate:

    Magasin d'antiquités

    2 Place Notre Dame

    21000 Dijon


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    The address you gave is listed on the yellow pages as a shop for women clothes called Salowme, phone +33 3 80 35 75 81

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