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Is the Tea Party a destructive, political cult?

Don't think of it as a bad thing, even the Mormon Church was considered to be a CULT at one point.

Just wondering, is it a Cult? Their behavior is 100% like a Cult if you compare it to any criteria.



PLEASE NOTE = Asserting that the following of any other political figure is also cult-like, is not relevant to THIS question. This question is about the Tea Party, not Eisenhower, JFK, REAGAN, Obama, etc.

Yes, many political figures in history have had cult-like behavior from their supporters. This question is about, does the Tea Party display that same kind of behavior?

That said, distracting from the question anyways will only betray your single-mindedness and evasiveness , both trademark of a brainwashed, psychologically defeated Cultist.

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    First off, I am a Republican and am pretty conservative politically. Having said that, I believe that the Tea Party is a destructive cult. With them it is basically you are either with them or you're not. Look at the 2010 Senate elections. The Delaware senate race was a safe Republican pickup. But no, the Tea Party insisted on nominating a moron like Christine O'Donnell, and that was the end of that. In Nevada, I really don't believe that nominating Sharron Angle was worth Harry Reid being reelected. The Tea Party is really damaging the GOP.

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    Yes it is a like a cult on steroids. If it had been a true third party, it would have gotten no where. But because it is a way for conservatives to move even more to the right, it has all the power of the GOP behind it. It think the Tea Party has cost this country too much.

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    The Tea Party movement is a confirmation of just how great the US Constitution is. Our founding fathers devised a system where government could adjust itself throughout time. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were driving the country into socialism. Many people didn't like it, so they formed the Tea Party and they voted out 69 representatives at the federal level, and over 700 representatives at the state level. Hooray for our Constitution and hooray tor the Tea Party!

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    The Tea Party movement is not a cult, it is merely patriots, of all belief systems, coming together to help turn america back into a nation whose people are free. I will go through you first link with you and tell you why it is not a cult. I am going to talk about each section on that site starting with PARAGRAPH 1:

    There is no supreme leader of the Tea Party movement, that has the final ruling on what the Tea Party members do in their lives, and people do not drop their families, jobs, careers, and friends to follow anyone.


    Most of these people are in the Tea Party movement to better America for everyone, not just to help themselves(although there probably a few just trying to profit themselves), they are driven for their love and devotion to the U.S., not to themselves.


    The Tea Party movement does not dictate what its members wear, eat, where they work, and what they think and say, much the opposite.


    The Tea Party movement wants people to help turn this country around, but their is a difference between cultist recruiting and asking someone to help do something good. The Tea Party movement is to purify America, and return the freedoms to the people, not just to grow, using people's money. Its purpose is to better the future generation, not to become wealthy.


    The Tea Party movement does not claim that it is offering something new, that is the only viable system for change, it is merely calling patriots together to see if they can help America get its freedoms back.

    The Eight Points:

    1.The Tea Party movement does not restrict communication with others outside the group, rather, the opposite, members want, people to tell others.

    2. The Tea Party does not claim that a miracle or prophetic word was passed on to one of its members.

    3.The Tea Party is not asking for perfection, merely that the American people get their rights given back to them.

    4.The Tea Party does not take confessions

    5.The Tea Party does not claim that their beliefs apply to everything, and that you must conform to a certain doctrine.

    6.The Tea Party has not tried to create a new vocabulary for its members.

    7.There is no absolute doctrine in the Tea Party movement, its members hold many different beliefs.

    8.The Tea Party does not claim that salvation can only be acquired by members of the group.

    Some people just do not like the Tea Party movement, and will call it a Cult, just because they do not like the people in it. I am not saying you are one of those people. I am just saying if you are gonna post a belief on the Web, then at least research it before you post it, I have made a fool of myself many times on the web, by posting something I believed, but had not researched. See how your 100% went to 0% that quickly. I would give something a little research before I posted it.

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    Any group of any sort falls under the umbrella of a cult. There is a cult that adores James Dean, even though he is dead. To them, they are keeping the memory of his craft alive. To others, they may be anything from worshiping a two-bit actor, to adoring fans who---admire him and keep his memory alive. Same thing.

    But their fan club president doesn't expect total obedience without questioning him/her, do they? Mormons are not allowed to question their "prophet" in any way, shape or form. His word is LAW, even if it goes against GOD's word (whom HE should be obeying). Can't point any error of that out to him either, even if God's Word declares only He is the Savior and no one else. For instance, Brigham Young said adulterers, murderers and LDS apostates need their blood shed to save their damned souls. That makes the person (or their blood) their own savior. Not ONE person pointed that out to Young while he was president of the LDS, and if there were any, he excommed them. Quickly. (and ran for their lives?) They changed his orders about blood atonement AFTER he died, so much so that mormons even deny it ever happened. Don't take my word for it! Go ahead.... prove it to yourself. Ask them! They will deny he ever spoke about individual blood atonement, his comments were taken out of context, blah, blah, blah.... ad nauseum. Denial. However, Brig knows the truth now, and he's not smirking so smugly any longer. AT all.

    So, anything can be cult-like, for the ultimate good of the whole or evil to the core. They might start off with altruistic intent, but be taken over by those seeking their own self-serving, lesser agenda. Point out one "cult" that has reversed that process, though--started out being evil and ended up being for the betterment of all.... Religious cults believe there's a difference between good and evil. Just for some its in their best interests to "control" people, instead of allowing God to do so. They persuade people to not care/want to know (or recognize) the truth within the difference.

    Source(s): ** There is a difference between brainwashing and indoctrination. Brainwashing means you did not previously believe a lie. Indoctrination means you never perceived there IS a lie. Lifelong LDS are indoctrinated from birth. LDS converts allow themselves to be brainwashed. "....and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it." ---EX-mormon.
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    They're just a group of sad, angry, disenfranchised and economically vunerable white people who long to see the return of the 1950s, when being white virtually guaranteed a white man out of high school a home, a car, a job and he could pinch women on the butt at work and/or call a Black person a n****r to his face without fear of reprisal.

    They blame Obama, minorities, gays, Muslims, liberals, the French - heck, ANYBODY - for their own personal failings and they don't see OUR real enemy are the corporations who want to turn ALL of us into slaves in perpetuity.

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    It's like you morons intentionally set out to make yourselves look as stupid as possible. Seriously, how stupid are you?

    Is the Tea party a religious group? No..

    Is there a set of rituals they follow? No..

    Is there a single, charismatic leader that they worship? No..

    You're an idiot.

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    YOU BETCHA !! Especially when they block the debt ceiling bill for weeks and then insist on no tax increases on the wealthy which is simply NO excuse for being THAT stupid !!

    They will do anything, no matter the outcome for the USA, which in this case was terrible, to try to make Obama look bad.

    It WILL backfire on them, when the Democrats sweep to power in 2012, and the Tea Party will be a shambles, along with their republican political 'friends'.

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    No. The Tea Party is made up of individual groups that may not even agree with each other on tactics and focus on issues.

    A cult usually follows one leader. The Tea Party doesn't really have one leader. They have many ideas but the main focus of the ideas are on fiscal responsibility. Some Tea Party groups have ventured into the social issues, but our is staying strictly on the financial issues of:

    1. less wasteful government spending

    2. lower taxes for everyone

    3. less government intrusion in our personal and business lives.

    In our group the other social issues are for other groups. We have Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Green Party members. We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists in our group. Kind of hard to have a cult mentality with that big of a diversity of views.

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    Mormons are still a cult and TEA party cult is the most dangerous threat to America.

    Beliefs like they are the only ones that can interpret the constitution correctly are clear evidence of cultish behavior.

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