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in love with a scorpio man?

Help with a scorpio man?

dating this guy for over a year. He was hard core in the beginning, i still lived with my ex(seperated), my scorpio wanted me to move in with him and came to see me every day for about 4 month. i did not agree to move in since i knew him so little, and things changed...3 days he would be all col and distante and the again all about me...i got tierd of these games so i asked if he wants to be with, he said yes, but all this time ( i just figured it out recently) he was in touvh with his ex online from other country, and seems like cant detache himself from her. she left him.

when i found out about his relationship with her and his thought to go visit her, add all his moodiness with me i left...moved to my parients..and a week later he start calling me...all his number were blocked, emails too, but he came out to see me to my parents and ask for my forgivness infront of everybody, said he cant live without me..

i tokk my time, for a month i did not get back, he kept begging me on the phone to come back and that he is comited this time and it all over with ex, and he sees me as his future wife. he found us apartament and waited for me, so I am back. for 5 days i was in heaven and his moodines again is taiking over, and he says he wants to be with me, but his head and thoughts is driving him crazy, he still cant get rid of the past and thought about his ex. i asked if he want to go to her, he said no.

but how am i supposed to feel...for a week its been cold and lonely at home... not even a kiss!!!

i am trying to hold on...but its hard

what is he doing?!!!!

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    sounds like he stuck on his ex or somethin'....

    from my experience, once its over, ITS OVER.

    So this guy needs to grow a pair of balls and move on

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    oh man, that's a tough situation to be in, cuz obviously you're so in love with your

    Scorpio. I'm sure he loves you too, or he wouldn't fight for you so hard. But he can't get his ex out of his thoughts. Maybe it's cuz he feels really rejected by her, and has no closure on why it all happened. Maybe, he should have a heart to heart w/ his ex and deal with those emotions and ask those questions that have been haunting him. That's the only way I feel that the both of you will be able to move forward. I know it will be hard on your part, but if you want to be the only one in his head, then you have to let him work through his emotions with his ex.

    Source(s): Pisces married to a Scorpio
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    Sounds like he is still stuck on his ex. Watch it because you might be a fill in the blank space while he tries to figure out how to get back with his ex. If me, I'd move on to an easier situation, lighter person who gives me a lift and who is less needy and manipulative. I bet a better one is waiting out there for you! In fact, I guarantee it will be easier!

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    He is just confused. He knows you are good for him. Maybe he needs to see a therapist to fully work out his feelings for his ex and get closure so that he can really start something with you.

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    This is the 3rd time you post this.

    I got best answer last time lol.

    New question?

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