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Why is it fair to blame white people for slavery..?

...but Liberals go mad whenever we blame Muslims for 9/11...? Whats the difference? Since Africans still have slaves. Jews, Arabs enslaved blacks. (even Muhammad) everybodys happy to let whitey take the fall for being...White.

How many double standards to the live by?

Another things - Black man doesn't want to move into white neightbourhood because he may face racism from whites - oh, thats ok.

White man doesn't want to move into Black neighbourhood for fear of it being a victim of crime by blacks - your racist.

Nough said.

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    You're exactly right! Not all muslims had anything to do with 9/11, nor do they all support it. Therefore, it's very unfair to judge all of them based on the actions of a few. Same kind of logic applies to blaming whites today for slavery. None of us today were there when slavery happened, we didn't own slaves, nor were we actually the slaves in question. I can't stand it when people "justify" acting like complete d*cks to white people by saying thing like "when you go through years of slavery and oppression we're even", or whatever. They weren't there for the slavery and oppression any more than we were.

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    And Europeans used to enslave each other. And Jews kept other Jews as slaves. Just about every culture on the face of the earth has dabbled in slavery at one time or another but, no matter what the history of slavery is in the rest of the world, here in the U.S. white people kept black people as slaves and lived off their labor. I guess we could just blame old Southern white families:-) I guess the point is to not take this stuff personally. Most of our ancestors were still in Europe when American's were keeping slaves so why worry about it?

    btw, every decent person, independent of their racial or ethnic background, living in a dangerous neighborhood is liable to be the victim of crime.

    You need some new sources of information. Refusing to live in a bad part of town because you don't want to be a victim of crime is common sense not racism. Refusing to live in a black part of town because you'll be the victim of crime no matter what the facts say is racist because it assumes black people cause crime. There are nuances of thinking in play here that are obviously beyond your mental capabilities.

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    It would be 'fair' if they were blaming a minority of white southern democrats.

    Would be even more fair if they also pointed out that it was black Africans doing

    the initial selling of said slaves, that many of which were losers in tribal wars.

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    I recently moved to a new state - I never knew how racist black Americans could be. They assume I am white; I am not but they hate me for what they assume. What a disgrace they are to the decent young black people of this country!

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    Well western European slavery was very different from Arabic or African slavery

    Those slaves were allowed to assimilate to their captors society

    They could marry outside their tribe/culture

    Own land and livestock, become wealthy

    The only thing they weren't allowed to do was hold political power

    Maybe you should read up on such topics before ranting?

    And i know many Blacks who live in suburban areas, your logic is based off 1950's Jim Crow era rhetoric

    Besides, everyone knows only 2% of the population in America owned slaves

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    Only a very, very small minority of people blame the entire white race for slavery. It's not fair, since some whites didn't own slaves.

    It's also not ok to blame all Muslims for 9/11. It sounds from this question that you're actually trying to justify that.

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    It's not fair to blame white people for slavery. Blacks owned slaves too, and blacks are the ones who sold their own into slavery.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No one is innocent in this. Whites did it. But blacks and Muslims sold other blacks into slavery. Yes they did.

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    Do any of you here remember when the last slave on American soil was set free ?

    Me neither, so it`s not my problem.

    Eve took a bite of that apple, lets punish ALL females. (see how stupid that slave thing is yet?)

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    9 years ago

    Fair enough. I'll blame blacks and white liberals for these in return;

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    ....and hundreds of thousands of others, just within my lifetime.

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