Im going to buy a Motorcycle to travel 200 miles per weekend?

I am a new rider and i have 4000$ to spend on a new or used bike

I was planning on buying a new kawasaki ninja 250 but it seems to be very light and uncomfortable to travel during 1.5hours

The miles will be spliced in 100 miles one day and 100 miles another but it is every weekend

What bike you guys recommend me to buy?

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  • Dimo J
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    9 years ago
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    New? About the only thing available would be a Suzuki GZ250. Capable, a little buzzy busy. Thus you look for used:

    The Ninja 250 is quite capable, tops at 100 mph, fairly comfortable at 65-70 which is the speed you are targeting. The Ninja 500 or Suzuki GS500 would be acceptable, a bit less buzzier. Or a smaller cruiser, such as a Yamaha V Star 650 or a Suzuki LS650 aka S40 aka Savage.

    My Savage is just about 10 pounds more than a Ninja 250, tops to just about 85 mph which is less than the 250, the big single is more like a massage bed than a twin's dentist's chair -- and I found it comfortable doing 500+ miles on the Interstate. ...BUT... Your butt is not my butt -- many (most) people complain about vibrations on motorcycles. As a new rider you may not accept the wind and vibrations, especially on the Interstates.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I have a Ninja 500R and find riding for 4.5 hours on one day very easy to do. (It's only 16% heavier than the Ninja 250(R).) I use the OEM seat - some people say that you "have to" buy an aftermarket seat from Corbin, but I honestly don't see any need.

    First of all keep in mind that EVERY motorcycle is uncomfortable for travelling compared to a car. (Even if you get a Goldwing with giant fairing, giant windshield, radio, heated everything, and so on.)

    Second, keep in mind that the Ninja 250(R) isn't really a sportbike - its riding position is very similar to that of a standard motorcycle. Some people will say that a cruiser is more comfortable but I'm not sure whether that is actually true - if you have back problems for instance, a standard motorcycle would be possible, but a cruiser would be very painful.

    With a motorcycle, a lot depends on your body - how long is your inseam, how long are your arms, how do you like to sit, etc. Because of that, it's very difficult to recommend a specific motorcycle - I would try out a few motorcycles and see for yourself which ones you find comfortable. Have you also had a test ride on the Ninja 250(R)?

    Here are a few that I think you should check out in addition to the Ninja 250(R):

    - Suzuki GS500(F): the GS500 (no fairing) looks like a streetbike, the GS500F (fairing) like a sportbike

    - Kawasaki Ninja 500R

    - Suzuki SV650(S): the SV650 (no fairing) looks like a streetbike, the SV650S (fairing) like a sportbike

    - Suzuki LS650 Savage: cruiser looks

    - Honda CMX250 Rebel: cruiser looks

    - Yamaha Virago 250 or 500: cruiser looks

    - Hyosung GV250: cruiser looks

    - Hyosung GT250(R): the GT250 (no fairing) looks like a streetbike, the GT250R (fairing) like a sportbike

    If you are planning to use a motorcycle for travelling I'd also recommend to look into luggage options BEFORE purchase. I'm a bit paranoid which is why I prefer a top case over soft bags - and on some bikes there are no top case racks available, or they require modifications to the bike. Because of that, think about which luggage options you'd prefer, and then check out which ones are available for which bike. It can be difficult to mount a top case or side cases on some motorcycles, especially on sporty looking ones.

    Also, pay attention to wind protection - at speeds of 50mph or higher wind starts to get annoying, and the type of fairing and type of windshield make a big difference. I for instance find the wind a bit annoying on my Ninja 500R - on the Suzuki V-Strom 650 I don't even notice it. Again, that's something that you have to pay attention to during your test ride - make sure to take it on at least a rural highway (better a freeway) during your test ride to check wind protection.

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  • Kim
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    9 years ago

    I agree with Spit and Mark except that I dont think you need to go to such a big bike, anything at or around 250 will be capable of cruising on the speed limit. A good low mileage 250 will do it all and for the money you have to spend...

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  • 9 years ago

    I would not go with a ninja. Or any other type of sportbike for that matter. Reason being is that they are not comfortable for longer rides (this is where im sure someone will argue with me). I would suggest a standard style bike or a cruiser because of the better seating position. Perhaps a Honda Shadow VT750.

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    yeah , like Spit said, you dont want a sport bike . You want a road bike. the used honda shadows would be good and easily in your price range, you will need at least a 600cc bike to do what you want to do. the honda shadow will fill that need. No way you want to do that run every week on any 250 cc bike. Just take a look on craigslist to find a good used honda. there are always people selling them that have always been stored inside with low mileage and like new in your price range..

    But like i said you want at least a 600 cc bike.

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  • T.B.
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    i would go with around 500cc because it will give you longer service.

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