How would YOU renovate this small unit/bedsit to give the impression of more space? 18m square (Pic provided).?

I've just bought this 18sq m (2 squares) bedsit. It's basically a broom cupboard, but the location is awesome!

It has it's own tiny bathroom, which currently has non-opaque glass surrounding, I think i'll put in a clear glass screen.

I've got a bit of money to renovate with, so far tips I've gleaned from the internets are:

Light colours, pastel colours, soft colours, cool colours (blues and greens)

Vertical stripes if any

High up features/borders to draw the eye upwards

Mirrors (non fogging, to avoid that 'closed-in' feeling

Keep furniture out of walkways

If you can see the floor, the room will look larger

Co-ordinate wall and furniture colours

Well lit: Maybe track lighting aimed up walls, or recessed lighting

Use see-through materials as things behind will seem further off

Glass tabletops

Reflective surfaces

A few large, simple pieces of furniture rather than lots of small cluttered ones

Plain Upholostry

Install lights in cupboards

Use full spectrum light bulbs

I was thinking of making the whole roof a mirror... would that be awful?....


Any advice and tips appreciated :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You found good ideas. Did you check out HGTV, they have a show called Small Space, Big Style. It shows what other people have done with their space. It also has commentators, that give the tips and why. Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    All those tips are good. I would add that a light coloured floor makes a space look bigger so go for a very light wood if you're using a wood or wood-look flooring, a light neutral colour if you're using something else. Perhaps not white, it might be a bit too stark.

    Furniture with clean simple lines and simple patterns or patterns with small things if any pattern at all, and be sure it's more or less in scale with the rooms. You might be better off with a loveseat instead of a full size couch, unless you really want something big enough to lie full length on. Any furniture with a dual purpose can help, like an ottoman with a lid so you can store stuff in it.

    Cool colours recede, that's true, but I wouldn't decorate entirely in cool colours. I would have at least an accent colour that has some warmth to it, or paint the walls an off white that's off in the direction of yellow. A lot depends on how much sun exposure you have.

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