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Poll for psychology class, having older parents vs younger?

According to my Psychology course, children born to parents over 40 years old have closer ties with their parents, are better adjusted, and more socially skilled when they enter school than children born to parents younger than 40.

I personally don't believe this "fact", and I'm supposed to test it.

Please answer, I'm behind on this project as it is and your response would go far in aiding my work :)

In your answer I'd like to know the following:

~When you were born, how old were your parents?

~How close are you? Do you think you're so close/distant because of their age?

~Would you consider yourself well adjusted/raised properly? Why or why not?

~How socially skilled are you? How much of this do you believe stems from you're parents?

Thank you for any and all who reply, I'm looking forward to reading your answers.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I was born 05/05/94

    My parents were both 23

    We're not and never have been close at all

    I think it could be partly down to their age because at the time I don't think they were ready to be parents and struggled a lot so I don't think they made a good bond from a young age because they didn't really know how to be parents.

    I have been raised badly. My Mum used to physically abuse me and my Dad was an alcoholic. I was placed with tons of babysitters and never spent time with any of them. My mum has also had numerous boyfriends and moved numerous times. She's never been able to hold down a stable, normal life. I think though, that I've learnt from their mistakes and I've looked at them and though I do not want to be the people they are. I've been through bad times, I used to be a very naughty child but now, I've learned from it and I'm completely focused on my education and making something of myself so I don't become them.

    Socially skilled wise I'm ok. I can hold conversations with people etc but I choose not to most of the time. I would rather keep myself to myself because I don't really like people. I think this is because of the lack of attachment to my parents and the fact they were always letting me down and doing bad things so now I don't trust anyone etc. I think if I was raised properly and I was close to my parents I would be a lot more socially skilled. If you look at it this way, the people that have been raised well are always the most popular ones whereas the people that haven't had a very good upbringing are a lot less popular meaning, surely, parents and your upbringing must have some impact on their children and their social skills.

    Hope this helped.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I was born in 1993 meaning my mom was around 29 or 30 when she had me. My parents are in the late40s/early 50s range but I'm only close to my mother. This is mostly because I hate my dad and my mom is the only one who can understand that (she's the only one willing to listen to me rant)

    I would say I was raised pretty well. I'm not pregnant or dead.

    Social wise, not so much. Living in a neighborhood full of thugs and rapists doesn't leave much opportunity to explore anything outside the house. So I spent most of my time alone or with my mom.

    I'd say a good relationship with your parents relies on openness, trust, love and tolerance. That's just my sappy theory.

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