Taxes on self-employed workers?

President Obama, I am a self-employed individual and worked my way through school without any student loans or government help. In good years, and with hard work, I can make over $250,000 and so I am the bad guy, rich person. I do not feel rich, and as a self-employed individual, I pay double the Social Security taxes and medicare that employed workers have to pay. Right now, if I add up all of the taxes that I pay, it is close to 45% and to you that is not enough. What is enough and since almost half of the working public pay no taxes, that is what I call unfair? They have no skin in the game, which is a shame on public policy. Stop the class warfare and put some kind of fair tax policy in place that is not beholding to politics. Thanks for considering this question. A concerned citizen. J. Cook

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  • 9 years ago
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    Obama isnt going to see this here. Send it where it can do good. The more money you earn the more expenses you get. What kind of car do you drive? What are your mortgage payments? You pay the full amount of self employment taxes but you also deduct half of those as a deduction on page 1 of the so you do get a break on that.

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