Girls: do you have a problem with piggyback rides?

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I've witnessed a girl breaking her ankle over a pretty bad fall, when i offered her to ride me to the nurse's office she slapped me across the face so hard that it actualy more
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well its just the way you worded your question [to the girl] she slapped you because she didn't understand that you meant give her a piggyback ride but most likely took it as ride you as in [sex]. On tuesday just say to her so friday when i said want to ride me i meant give you a lift to the nurses office. That should clear up all the awkward tension.
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  • sweet answered 3 years ago
    Just a normal piggyback??? When I was younger i would say..."no, i do not have a problem with that." But now a days it is DIFFERENT. Some girls may have a problem with that.

    But, that was rude of her to slap you across the face that it actually hurt you. I would have gone to the nurses station immediately and reported her for ASSAULT.

    I hope you are ok now. Geez some people!
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  • Steve Polychronopolis answered 3 years ago
    Maybe its because in all the first aid classes taught around the world they never talk about the "piggy back ride" for ankle injuries. However slapping you was out of line. No one should hit anyone................. unless its time......................maybe it was time for her! LOL


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  • Devin answered 3 years ago
    She probably thought it was a bid to touch her behind.
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