Can European Portuguese and European Spanish speakers understand each other?

I know the languages have their similarities but obviously they are two different language?

Also what about Latin American Spanish and European Spanish speakers? Brazillian and European Portuguese speakers? And any other combo of the four langages (or form of languages I should say I suppose)?

Can they all understand each other?

I think if they could all somewhat understand each other that would be pretty cool.

Also are Spanish and Portuguese have gender specified dialogue (for lack of a better word) like French and I think Italian?

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  • Raquel
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    9 years ago
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    The Portuguese can understand Spanish and a little bit of French, Italian and Romanian (this one being the most difficult one for us to understand) as well.

    I'm Portuguese and when I read something in Spanish I understand almost every single word. Spaniards can also understand Portuguese, but due to the differences in phonetics, it is harder for them to understand Portuguese speakers than the contrary. But when it's written, they understand almost everything (believe me, I talk to them online sometimes, I write in Portuguese and they in Spanish).

    All of the romance languages (mainly Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian) are like this at some point. As a Portuguese speaker, I can automatically understand Spanish pretty well, like I said, and I can also understand a little of the other 4, being Italian the one of those I can understand the most, but it has many false friends, like "sono" in Italian means "I am", in Portuguese it means "sleep" or "autocarro" in Italian means "truck" and in Portuguese it means "bus". I'm going to give you a link that talks about this, but it's in Spanish. But you can go to "grados de intelegibilidad mutua entre las lenguas románicas" to see how close they are to each other. Portuguese and Spanish are 89%: This is mostly true if you are talking about European Portuguese, which is closer from European Spanish and Italian. Also due to the phonetics of the Portuguese accent, it is very easy for us to imitate other accents as well. I'm currently learning German and I think it was very funny when I found out that the way they say "student" (although in Portuguese it is written "estudante") is 100% equal as we say it in Portugal (this is a little weird because one is a Romance language and the other a Germanic one).

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  • Renato
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    9 years ago

    Brazilians can understand European Portuguese since it's the same language. As far as understanding Spanish, that varies. I personally can understand about 90% of what hispanics say, and Italians as well, but then again my father is Italian so I grew up listening the language every time I would visit the 'bastardo' hehe.

    As far as Spanish speakers understanding Portuguese, not so much, Portuguese and Spanish sound very different and Portuguese has far more phonemes than Spanish making it harder for a Spanish speaker to understand us Lusophones (Portuguese speakers).

    The main difference between dialects (Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese) or (Latin American Spanish and European Spanish) comes in the formality of the language. European Portuguese and Spanish are more conservative, proper and very formal, as the American counterparts are more easy going, have more slangs and are not so strict on rules. Think of American English compared to British.

    And yes, Portuguese and Spanish are like Italian and French, we do have gender specified dialogue.

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  • guido
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    9 years ago

    As a Spanish speaker I can understand about 90% of written Portuguese and maybe around 70-80% of spoken Portuguese. But I understand better Brazilian than European Portuguese.

    I'm Latin American and I definitely understand European Spanish, it's the same language.

    Yes all Romance languages have grammatical gender.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can read the other language without difficulty and understand most of what you're reading. I'm not sure about speaking, though. Portuguese sounds very different from Spanish. If the two people speaking (Spanish and Portuguese) spoke very slowly, they might be able to understand a bit of what the other person was saying.

    Yes, Spanish and Portuguese, like French and Italian, have grammatical gender. Actually, all European languages except for English have grammatical gender of some kind.

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  • gladon
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    4 years ago

    It relies, Portuguese if spoken slowly sounds plenty like Spanish, chiefly the only from Portugal, and it is very comprehensible to an expert Spanish speaker. If spoken quick, European Portuguese feels like Polish and Brazilian Portuguese feels like drunken, garbled Spanish, in order that they comprehend little or no to none of it. Italian, even as it sounds extra like Spanish and a few Spanish humans THINK they comprehend it greater, actually they do not. You can get the normal concept of what they're speaking approximately, regardless that and comprehend approximately part of an typical Italian dialog depending simplest to your Spanish, so long as they talk slowly. I have no idea if a Spanish-Italian dialog might be viable regardless that, I consider it might so long as it isn't tricky issues. Portuguese and Spanish are a lot nearer within the language tree and are a lot more alike in the case of grammar and verb conjugation. Italian grammar is extra very similar to French than to Spanish. Portuguese pronunciation alternatively is toward French than to Spanish. I consider a Spanish-Portuguese dialog can pass a for much longer approach than a Spanish-Italian dialog. I consider Spanish audio system might uncover themselves switching to English extra usually with Italians than with a Brazilian or Portuguese man or woman.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't know about talking, but I only take Spanish classes at school and I can understand this fully-Portuguese website. Well, not every single word, but I understand the instructions for downloads and everything. So I guess they could. The only thing is that Portuguese sounds a bit different.

    It's probably possible since both languages come from latin :)

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  • 9 years ago

    I think it depends on the person. I'm Brazilian and I don't understand any Spanish. It's interesting because people in Miami sometimes greet me with sth like "Buenos Dias" and I always say; "Sorry... I don't speak any Spanish" and they answer "...NO ENGLISH"... And then I start to speak in Portuguese and they don't understand Portuguese either.

    About European Portuguese... For me, it's really hard to understand European Portuguese. I know it's the same language but they speak so fast that's impossible to understand everything they say. I only catch the main idea..hahaha

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