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How can i get my girlfriend to start eating normally?

my girlfriend is 5 foot and only weighs 48kgs and thinks she needs to lose weight. she has gone on a "diet" of eating barely anything during the day. And is proud of herself when she consumes 500kjs in a day. I'm very concerned as she has an idea in her head that she is fat and that being really skinny is ideal...

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    Sounds like she's anorexic. You can't just tell an anorexic to eat. They need intensive therapy. Tell her parents about your fears and they can put her in a treatment facility or find a psychologist for her to talk to.

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    enable's see now ... the prepare dinner is anorexic she by no ability eats something she makes and he or she oftentimes chefs basically healthful plus she is a vegetarian? This basically does not sound like a sturdy start to somebody who's relatively drawn to cooking and food She would have a normal love-hate dating with food in spite of the undeniable fact that it does not appear like a sturdy thought with the intention to prevail you are able to desire to have a sturdy healthful. working dating with cooking and food AND consume what you prepare dinner. Been cooking for over 50 years and the food channel does not consistently have the proper recipes even with the undeniable fact that Ina Garten is the proper prepare dinner on that channel ,Paula isn't undesirable the two the two females use a lot of butter, oil, eggs , sugar cream, cheeses/different dairy products and meat***EDIT**i'm not talking approximately line chefs in a warm sweaty rushed commercial kitchen or so stated as"chefs" who went to cooking college who "create" many of their dishes what they convey about maximum persons does not consume swordfish with raspberry sauce, squid in candy bitter glaze with cakes ,watercress in mustard chocolate sauce isn't my thought of actual food or actual cooking . i'm talking approximately actual food made via actual chefs who rejoice with cooking and luxuriate in ingesting what they cooked

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    she probably has anorexia.

    i suggest getting her to a doctor or physciatrist to evaluate her.

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