Do professional web designers code their own pages or use dreamweaver?

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    HTML was meant to be created with a simple text editor, and most professionals still build pages this way, using a simple text editor. It's not that difficult, and it provides very fine control over what a page does. One of the "secrets" of professional web builders is that HTML is so simple to use that a text editor is sufficient for just about any project. People who have never used anything but proprietary web-building software are generally rank amateurs.

    If you look at the source code of some of the most heavily visited and popular sites on the Web, you'll see that the HTML is mostly written by hand. Even in the rare cases where a pro uses a web-building program to start creating a site, he will often abandon it after getting the basic site up and then tweak all the HTML by hand, maintaining it by hand thereafter.

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    Do Web Designers Use Dreamweaver

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    "Professionals" do NOT use any kind of IDE, pre-written scripts or "Framework". If they do, they are NOT professionals: they are amateurs who THINK they are professionals!

    A Pro has a long experience in programming. As such, he has a lot of small scripts he can use and re-use. None of these depends on the whimps of others: they have total control of what they do.

    Anyone using an external framework (wordpres, drupal, joomla etc, etc...) is at RISK that their code, one day, will stop working, because the bits they are working with has changed.

    ANY designer/developer who uses a script comming from another source as their own sources is a disguised amateur.

    And don't talk to me about Dreamweaver! NO IDE generates more crap code than dreamweaver!

    I used to employ many programmers. If you were to apply for a job, and MENTION Dreamweaver, your interview is terminated.

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    We learn to code manually, and once proficient, we start using tools such as Dreamweaver to cut down design time. the

    It's never a good idea to start with a visual editor. The best strategy is to learn HTML and CSS the manual way, and once you know the theory, move on to a graphical editor.

    Check out the books made by a company called Head Start - they are just about the best ones out there to learn HTML and CSS.

    Hope this helps

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    Neither; we do not start from scratch. We start using something such as WordPress. We code what we need. For example if I need to make a plugin that does some kind of functionality and it's not available we'll code it.

    DreamWeaver is a waste because you literally start from scratch over and over again; a professional doesn't want this.

    That is why we use WordPress or some other kind of CMS (such as Drupal).

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