Name some classic rock bands that use a lot of fuzz?

Name me some bands from the 60s and 70s that used a lot of fuzz in their music. If they don't use it in "most" if their songs, list some specific tracks where they use it. Biggest list with least obvious choices (in other words, don't just say Jimi Hendrix) gets best answer.

Thanks in advance.

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    Lord from Purple pumped his organ through a fuzz box (check out Space Truckin' of course).

    Bolin was a notorious fuzzer. I like 20th Century Boy.

    Beatles - Revolution, Taxman

    Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky (master of the fuzz!)

    Neal Young used a lot of fuzz early on. Try out Woodstock or Buffalo Springfield Cinnamon Girl.

    Jimi! - Crosstown Traffic

    Spencer Davis Group - Keep on runnin had a nice fuzz feel to it.

    Doors - Hello I love you; parts of Spanish Caravan.

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    The Police!

    /dumb joke

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    deep purple

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