Why does not the US military invade and overthrow China this moment?

I know of ah, close asian american allies who are enthusiastic to ensure serving of justice...and such war, i fear, is most inevitable. abandon ALL trade with the chinese and send invasion force under japanese to do what is right for all, my brothers.
Update: We must do what we must, my family. If cowards here refuse, then true warriors with honor will eventually - whether in ten years or one hundred - do what is necessary. You and I both know what is necessary.
Update 2: Cowards, fools...perhaps less intelligent than even I imagined - but overthrow and destruction of china is quite possible. Do you not remember how the empire of japan, led by Emperor Hirohito, nearly CRUSHED the poor peasant nation? and i mean "poor" in more than ONE way...HAHAHA...
Update 3: IN lies the true issue. but if america allowed japan to line its shores with nuclear weapons as well, and america develops thousands of more bombs...I think it would be fairly even, such war, agreed?
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