Why does not the US military invade and overthrow China this moment?

I know of ah, close asian american allies who are enthusiastic to ensure serving of justice...and such war, i fear, is most inevitable. abandon ALL trade with the chinese and send invasion force under japanese to do what is right for all, my brothers.


We must do what we must, my family. If cowards here refuse, then true warriors with honor will eventually - whether in ten years or one hundred - do what is necessary. You and I both know what is necessary.

Update 2:

Cowards, fools...perhaps less intelligent than even I imagined - but overthrow and destruction of china is quite possible. Do you not remember how the empire of japan, led by Emperor Hirohito, nearly CRUSHED the poor peasant nation? and i mean "poor" in more than ONE way...HAHAHA...

Update 3:

IN lies the true issue. but if america allowed japan to line its shores with nuclear weapons as well, and america develops thousands of more bombs...I think it would be fairly even, such war, agreed?

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    9 years ago
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    if america could they would. just look at Libya and Iraq. the problem is, america cant defeat China in a war. if you remember, the u.s was ejected from both korea, and viet nam. as far as "asian allies" go, it would appear that theres a lot of opposition to u.s occupation coming from the allies. just do some research on protests of u.s military bases and you;ll find out that a lot of people from japan, south korea, and germany are actually protesting against u.s military occupation. the u.s govt had to resort to low down dirty tactics such as overthrowing the democratically elected prime minister hatoyama because hatoyama wanted to form an alliance with CHina. the u.s also overthrew democratically elected thai leader thaksin because he also wished to be close to China. the u.s only knows how to use force, and if the u.s didnt use force and threats, it would have no allies, as none of their allies are voluntary.

  • mensah
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    4 years ago

    Can the U. S. invade China? No. u . s . of america's protection rigidity is numerically outnumbered and at the instant overstretched. u . s . of america lost numerous divisions for the period of the Korean conflict whilst they ventured too on the brink of the Yalu river. Can the U. S. attempt to bomb China? confident. yet China can retaliate. by utilising the way, China has no defence information with North Korea. i think of all and sundry is basically waiting for Kim to die of previous age or mellow out.

  • Joseph
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    9 years ago

    WW ll was along time ago, weapons now are more sophisticated and more effective, China won't be taken easily, especially with their capability to shoot down satellites, with them doing that, and us not having counter measures for such an attack at this point, they can completely destroy our communications and spying capabilities over night. The key to victory, especially in the 21st century is communication for well planned attacks with your entire sea, land, and air elements, without that any military force is useless. Cowards? Fools? less intelligent? have you ever served in the Armed Forces, U.S. or abroad? the answer is most likely no, because if you did, you would realize, that to go to war with China, would create more death and wounded service members than the wars of the last 5 decades combined. Only a person that has never fought on the battlefield would see that as nothing, but I have fought, in 4 different conflict zones, and I can tell you, I have seen enough of my friends killed and torn up, I have killed enough people, I don't like sleeping in the dirt and mud hungry and thirsty and scared out of my mind, I don't like staying awake patrolling the war zone for days, I don't like carrying over 120lbs of gear everyday for a year, and I certainly don't like ignorant people like you that think that conflict with other nations is just a game. I hate war, and I truly believe that no one on this planet hates it more than service members, but we have the guts to fight in one, and continue fighting them if we have too, but in this case, we don't have to fight the PRC, so shut the f*ck up, and hope to God, that we don't go to war with the Chinese, because I guarantee it that you will be drafted, and if by some miracle you make it out of that war in one piece, you'll have to carry the scares of that hell hole for the rest of your life. scent will trigger bad memories, peoples faces will trigger memories, objects, dreams, and certain words will trigger a memory of horror. That "peasant nation" has one of the biggest land Army in the world, Japan, doesn't have an Army, the only real adequate military force in North East or South East Asia is South Korea, China would engulf Taiwan Japan, Guam, and Okinawa in almost no time with a well planned and executed surprise attack. Dude, you have to get out of the clouds and return to reality, China can f*ck some serious sh*t up. The world cannot bare a war between the U.S. and the PRC, militarily and economically.

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    9 years ago

    Ha! We couldn't control Iraq and Afghanistan - two of the weakest countries in the world. North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela used to make Bush dance like a monkey just because they thought it was funny.

    What is it about Republicans that makes them like getting their butts kicked?

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  • 9 years ago

    China has a billion and a half people and the second largest country in the world in terms of landmass. I don't think we need to get ourselves into a mess like that.

  • A. Our country's bank account is far enough in the negatives right now.

    B. The world hates us enough as it is.

    C. Other countries would probably engage us.

  • 9 years ago

    Well we just lost over trillions of dollars with iraq and Afghanistan and why would we start start a war with them, and plus they make almost all our stuff. P.S just saying US navy seals could kick their ***

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First, we would lose. Second, China is technically our ally. It would destroy our economy. Our companies make huge amount of money selling goods invented in the US , made in CHina and sold by US companies.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because we're so fascinated by the satellite imaging targets they are painting in their desert.

    They are so beautiful. We want them to make more.

    Plus, it is helping our satellites home in on their military installations more accurately than ever before...

  • Avery
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    9 years ago

    First of all, they don't have as much oil as the middle east.

    Second of all, if we went to war with China, many millions of people would die.

    It would be chaos.

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