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Can anyone predict my marriage, child and career? Birth details given inside?

I am divorcee girl. I got divorce before one year. I didn't matched horoscope with my ex. But later found it was actually not matching. Anyways

1) I am getting matrimonial offers from some divorcee alliances (guys) so is it right time to accept the offer?

2) Is second marriage there in my destiny. If yes, by what time I will get marry. How will be my second married life? Is it right time to search for appropriate match.

3) When will I have a child?

4) How will my career after second marriage. WIll there be growth in my career or will it come down?

5) my grandfather got my horoscope from one known astrologer in which it is written that my marriage will be delayed and I will get happy married life in my 30s, but about child he wrote that I will have to take extra care during pregnancy & lot of complication will be created in pregnancy and delivery will be very painful due to my health problem. And it is also written in my horoscope that I will always has to take extra care of my child and need to protect him/her always & my child may have trouble in studies and may be gap can happen in studies and has to repeat year due to failing in exam. Really? can this be true and my chart is showing something like that. Please can u predict this. If so tell me pls

Please give answer to my above question. Following is my birth details

Sex - female

DOB - 26th May 1981

Time of birth - 22.20 pm at night (as per 24 hours format)

Place of birth - Villate - Sonasan, Taluka - Prantij, Nearest city - Ahmedabad, State- Gujarat, country - India

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    I'm sorry, but its impossible to know the future, you can only predict what may happen, and yet again it is impossible to predict someones future, due to the person being able to change their mind about the tiniest thing at any moment and therefore all predictions being wrong. the only reason a wide variety of people believe that horoscopes do truly tell their future, is due to the fact that the meanings are left so wide open that it can suit anyone.

    don't leave your life in the hands of others, take control and do as you see fit, but be smart about it and think carefully


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    As per You Given Information, Your Nakshatra - Satabhisha, Charan-1, Rasi- Aquarius.

    Your chart indicates that you will be married at normal age-period. In your chart your Ascendant-lord

    and the 7th-lord are in Square aspect. This indicates possibility of having emotional outbursts and

    even quarrels at times,You may have certain differences in attitude and outlook which may be the

    root cause of troubles. Since Ketu is situated in your 2nd house, you may not be very fortunate in respect of your family-wealth.

    Don't Worry. Keep Your Mind Empty and Strictly Follow These Instructions.

    Every Day Chat Hanuman Chalisa at least once and Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra. If You Didn't Have Time Download and Listen. Your Marriage Will Be Taken Place By end of Next Year(2012).

    You will be blessed with good and clever children. you Might Be a Good In Scientific Carriers. You will be successful in the business or political fields.You will get recognition in your career and will achieve financial equilibrium. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession; you will also have travels and tours . In the long run, your educational Your career will be full of responsibilities.You will excel in your realm and will attract a number of laurels.You will take some crucial decisions about your job and residence that will be a turning point in your life.

    You Must Understand that relationship much improved when you would understand that marriage is diplomacy.

    Jains hold that universe and its laws of nature are eternal, and have always existed in time. However, it constantly undergoes cyclical changes as per governing universal laws.

    You have believe in my prediction. Believe Is the Only Word which we are on Its PATH. You Believed In Vedic Astrology So Do I. If You Believe... It Will Change Your Life Sister.

    Important: On 16 Dec 2011 Perform Kumkuma Pooja "Om namo goda devi namah" 108 Times Daily Till 14 Jan 2012 for marriage.

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    Hi Bindu, you have a bright future ahead! Your career though likely to be chequered will turn out to be interesting and satisfying; Your marriage - yes you are destined to have a good husband and enjoy a good family life with a couple of children - a boy and a girl - and you will enjoy your sex life too! You have a long life and will live to see well beyond the first half of this century! Don't rely on only such predictions; always strive for a better tomorrow!

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    Nooo. 1. its abomination. 2. if you predict it, God will manipulate it (cause change or destruct). 3. Don't believe in God?.. then call it "karma" in correspondence to the Universal Law. People who predict the future get a far worse penalty trust me I sit back and witness these things like its my job. I know its wrong to say but I even laugh sometimes, I should work on that. Anyways, they happen soon, or later. Either to you, your life, family or friends. Its just giving legal rights to satan because you have a hard heart. God can't protect you when you're in that position you'll have to climb out of the hole yourself in which 'you're digging'. However, through it all, if you have a specific calling on your life, God will surely keep you alive.

    its the truth.

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    I think sometime we try to look for too many answers from Astrology. Astrology can give insight and guide us.. this is so much dependent on the date, time and location of the birth. for a positive approach i say..


    we need to use Astrology at a high level , have self analysis and exercise free will.. this can help us being more complete and have a better life..

    Hope this work out for you..

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