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*10 PTS FOR GOOD ADVICE* My best dude friend is acting distant suddenly???!?

I dunno he keeps acting pretty weird lately. Here are the basics:

~He told me he liked me during the summer.

~A bunch of people insist upon the fact that we like each other.

~I’ve told him that I like another person before.

~He asked me to homecoming as friends, but he was a terrible date.

~At homecoming, he didn't dance with me but instead danced with like 3 other chicks, didn't compliment my outfit, always was just awkwardly standing there, and spent most of the night looking for this one chick to ask out.

~He seems to be the person that always needs a gf.

~He likes to bring up other girls to me sometimes when I talk about the dude I like.

~On school trips he always wants us to sit together.

~Everyone says he makes advances on me like this one time where he wanted me to put my head on his shoulder.

~If he really is “flirting” im pretty oblivious considering I’ve never had a bf before.

~When I bring up the person I like, he abruptly ends the conversation with something else.

~We always say we love each other as friends.

~When he asked me to homecoming, he brought up his gf, but a couple weeks later he denied ever having a gf.

~We went to go see a band that we’re both obsessed with which took 5 hours to get there in a car.

~For the past week we haven’t been talking much at all since the concert.

~I’m planning on confronting him Monday but for now I just want third party opinions.

~I’m pretty quiet, and usually don’t initiate conversation.

~Am I doing anything wrong or is it just me??!

~I’m not being a stupid paranoid little girl because I like him, its because he's honestly a really good friend and I don't want anything messing up this really nice friendship.

~LOL. Ok no he's not strange at all. Well he can be odd at times and he admits it, but I'm equally just as weird, and i find his oddness adorable and like his endearing quality. And about the low self esteem, it's because he comes from a sorta bad home :p

~did i mention i have a big older protective brother that he's scared of lol




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    8 years ago
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In my opinion, i think that if he . .

    ~ said that he was 'looking for a girl to ask out' on the night of homecoming then i don't think he really was.

    ~ saying that he had a girlfriend then , later denying it all.

    ~ been really close one moment then a little S&*t with you the next.

    etc. etc.

    then he probably does like you ,but because he knows that you don't feel the same way, he's acting like he's moved on , that he doesn't want or need you. every time you argue things always seem to sort themselves out, because he cant bare to be without you. but it hurts him to know that you don't have feelings for him, so he's going to get angry and annoyed with you. . . like i said he cant stay away though so things always work out , only to lead to another problem.

    hope i kinda helped, going through the same situation.mines not worked its self out yet. . .but its better (: x

    Source(s): my life <3
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Aw! Alright I have been in the same shoes as you before. I think its because he likes you but doesn't wanna really act like he does because he knows you don't like him. I think he may be kinda hurt by that. At least that was what my best friend (Who was a guy! xD) was like. I really do hate to see friendships like this. Because there is nothing really you can do.Unless you tell him that you don't like him and that's the end of the story. But then I think that will drive him farther away. I think you should try and hang out with him more and try to ignore and avoid that subject of you not liking him. So just play it cool like nothing happened. I wish you the best of luck~♥

    Source(s): My life~♥
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  • 8 years ago

    He's just heartbroken that you don't like him, give him time to think and after a few days he will talk to you. Everytime you talk about guy you like it hurts him, so he talks about other girls to act like he doesn't have feelings about you no more but deep inside he does, he's crazy for you but can't do nothing about it. Your gonna make him lose his mind

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  • 8 years ago

    Well maybe he likes you && all he's tryna do is make you like him back by acting distant and looking at other girls. He feels as though the more distant he is , the more you'll notice and realize that you actually like him.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ask him why hes like this if he doesnt answer just ignore him

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  • 8 years ago

    I would talk to him. If you are friends, you should be able to ask him why he's being this way.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Talk to him about it, and you'll get your answer

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