How can I look less ugly and more hot and pretty?


what can i change? . I'm sick of feeling so worthless everyday because of how i look.please give me some tips and advice please :(((( aiai.. i just want people to see me as pretty ..and i want to look hotter


thank you :) hah and by the way, i'm really healthy, i eat healthy , only drink water, and i workout for 30 minutes about everyday except for sunday where i workout for 45 minutes.. i do zumba baba :PPP

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ok I have. A story that might help you

    So I was in 7th grade and I had litterly no friends I cries a lot and was seriously insecure I got pretty hideous and desperation wAs practically written in my face, then I watched this video on u tube by bubz beauty it was called wht makes me beautiful. It touched me it said everything I needed to hear I instantly gained confidence and now I'm seriously popular and I've had like 5 guys like me this year never ask a question that says what makes me beautiful cause you know what everyone is beautiful they just need to find it, An I saw a picture of u and your not bad at all just gain confidence and make sure you have some good friends around you. Oh and mascara can really open your eyes and exercise ( I'm not being mean everyone needs to exercise it make your akin glow and you release endorphins) good luck :)

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  • 9 years ago

    you need some self confidence, chickie! you have potential, you just need to learn to work with what youve been given! here are some things i think that would help your appearance:

    you have nice skin, just need to clear up the blemishes a little: clean and clear deep action cream cleanser and (only if you have blackheads, cant tell if you do) the clean and clear blackhead eraser...they dont dry your skin out either!

    get some contacts, the glasses hide your pretty eyes. add some mascara to make your eyes pop!

    get in a 10 minute workout every morning to help burn calories throughtout the day and to release "feelgood" endorphines. or go for an early morning jog or brisk walk. that or a nice bike ride.

    try some new hairstyles, ones that compliment you. you could even add some earrings!!

    find a new style that makes you feel beautiful. play with pinks and blues and your fave color.

    when you finally find the beauty in yourself, im sure others will see it too. dont ever think of yourself as worthless..thats just asking for that feeling to eat at yourself and its not healthy.

    maybe treat yourself to a makeover at a salon! or even ask them for some sure someone will help you.!

    give yourself some character!!!

    hope i could help, youll be fine!!! good luck

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  • Lily
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    9 years ago

    Without confidence you're a hopeless case, so start with that.

    Lose some weight, clear up the skin, tweeze the brows. Easy.

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