Disadvantage and advantages to an online game open source?

Hey, me and my team are working on an online game and we were thinking about making it open source for users to edit the graphics/code on their computer, it wont effect anybody else only their visual appearance to their game, however we don't want people to use it for profitable uses so we don't want them to take it and make it their own and then making money for it.

So I was thinking we copy right it so no one can use it for profitable purposes, we want it open source so users can edit items or their character to how they choose, the reason we want to do this is so that they can send us their picture and then they can pay to have their character seen to everyone, my only flaw though is that people may use it to their liking, is it possible to copy right our game just by creating a terms and condition and then making them agree to it and if they still do it can we take a legal action against them?

What are your thoughts on an open source game?


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    9 years ago
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    it is cheap

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