Laptop battery life span?

My Asus laptop has recently given me a message to replace my battery. I have the same battery that came with the laptop, and I got the laptop 2 years ago and have used it nearly on a daily basis, never taking the battery out but leaving it unplugged when fully charged. Is that a good lifespan or is something wrong with the computer?

Also, what's the average cost for a replacement battery?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    Have you followed charging and discharge cycle properly?

    Aslo make sure there is no problem with adapter, try to charge the laptop without battery, if it is working properly then you must need to replace the battery with the new one.

    Normally battery life span is 2-3 years, as per your details it seems that you have used your battery for 2 years so it must have died now, you need to purchase new battery.

    Before purchasing new battery just try this:

    Remove the battery, and AC power. If you have access to the battery contacts inside of the battery compartment (in some laptops it's very accessible, others its almost impossible) try cleaning the connection terminals with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. It may not be getting the proper connection necessary to charge, recharge, and report battery information to the laptop.

    After trying out the above step, if your battery is still not responding,then you must need to replace it with new battery.

    It comes in range of 20-30GBP as per the cell of the battery.

    You can purchase compatible replacement battery for your laptop, they are very cheaper than the genuine battery.

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  • 8 years ago

    battery replacement from vendor. $99 to $200++

    normal battery lifespan is from a year to 3 years. for mac book is around 2 to 5 years.

    to improve battery quality and life span, reduce recharge cycle. if you do not need to use battery, take it out and just plug on the ac adapter. careful not to snap out the adapter while using. never fully discharge the battery.

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